July 02, 2021
Enjoying a holistic design experience
By: Yukie Watanabe

I’m a 3D Senior Designer at Fjord but that’s a recent transition as I originally worked for Allen International which was acquired by Accenture in 2017. Allen International was a small company compared to Accenture but the recent transfer into the Fjord team feels very comfortable as we’re similar-minded and so far, even although it’s only been a few weeks, I’m really enjoying the move over.

I work in our Physical Space Design Department and we’re a small team of directors and designers who do physical design using 3D software (mainly Cinema 4D or Vectorworks). We start with a design brief and from there I will conduct in-depth initial research, create concept design using sketches and planning, then refine and finalise the concept with 3D renders. We also produce technical drawings and work through the implementation and liaison phase to support the construction phase. What I find most exciting is that since the move to Accenture and Fjord we’re much more collaborative and able to tackle projects with a more holistic design approach. With Accenture Interactive’s involvement, we’re now looking at the physical space experience throughout the project from many different angles such as technology, the UX journey, operation and employee culture, all backed with extensive research and insights.

I’d been working with Allen International for quite a few years and was on maternity leave with my second child when they were acquired by Accenture so, coming back to work was a very different experience for me. I think the biggest change I noticed was the global reach and connections. Before Accenture, the Allen International team were based in a studio in London but now we’re part of a truly global company and I’ve been working with a diverse group of people from all over the world which opens up many business opportunities and experiences - I’ve also had the pleasure to work with colleagues in Japan!

The other big plus I’ve noticed is the fantastic support you get for learning, development, and progression - people here, from the top down, are really willing to help you and the support you get generally is amazing. I’m a mum with a seven-year old and a five-year old and balancing family and a full-time role can be tough at times but I really appreciate that I can do flexible hours in order to accommodate childcare. And, even before Covid-19, I enjoyed the flexibility of working from home for two days a week.

I’ve just started on a new project team working on an internal POV which is around reimaging the workplace experience after Covid-19. It’s been great working on this very timely topic as we all adapt to our new way of working. Over the next couple of months, I’m really looking forward to more work-based collaboration, getting to know my new colleagues in Fjord and working together to embrace that one-company atmosphere.

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