June 12, 2018
This is Consulting
By: Accenture UK

What is consulting? Why does it appeal to so many people? And why should you make it your next career choice?

There are plenty of reasons to choose consulting – which ones would entice you?

It’s about…

Responsibility. Being a consultant at Accenture means being trusted to do your job. There’ll be big clients and complex projects. But you’ve got the skills, you know what needs to be done, now go ahead and make it happen.

Complexity. There will be precious few times you’ll come up against a simple challenge. Consulting tests your knowledge and skills every day. Meaning there’s always the chance to give your brain a workout and improve yourself.

Deep Thinking. Consulting is where it gets deep. You have to get to know the client inside out – what are their problems? What are their objectives? What technology can help? Then it’s down to you to sort out how they’re going to achieve their goals and discover the best way to get them there.

The Thrill of It. Things happen quickly when you’re on a project. It’s fast-paced work that can mean challenging hours, complex problems and a whole lot of thinking. But that’s what makes it so exciting – especially when it all comes together (like you knew it would).

The Buzz. Imagine working in a place that covers every industry you can think of. With people from all sorts of backgrounds. And on projects that could touch every aspect of technology – that’s the reality of consulting at Accenture.

Change & Variety. The only thing that’s certain in life is change. This is especially true when it comes to consulting. You go where the jobs take you. You’re often thrown in at the deep end. The projects are always different. The client often changes. And, you could even be working in a different country. But if every day was the same, how boring would that be?

Confidence. Think about the self-assurance that comes with knowing that you’re trusted to deliver. That the client wants your input, your advice and knows you’ll get the job done. With the support of a global network of experts, you’ll have just the tools to do it.

Building Networks. Consulting happens when people talk to each other. You’ll speak to the client to find out what they need. You’ll speak to your colleagues to discover the best solutions. If you’re comfortable talking to people from all walks of life and can build relationships wherever you go, think where that could take you.

Big Opportunities. Consulting can take you all over the world; it can see you working with global brands, building the skills you want in an area that suits your talents and interests. It’s just down to you how far you go.

Different Challenges. Don’t expect to coast along. Consulting’s hard work. And you’ll need to put in plenty of effort. Complex projects and challenging clients mean that things aren’t always straightforward. Faced with a range of shifting priorities, could you keep all the plates spinning at once?

Support. You’ll never be expected to do everything on your own. Whether you need help from the colleagues you see every day or need to find something out from the thousands of colleagues you’ll have across the world, there’ll always be someone on hand to give you the support you need.

Finding Your Own Balance. At Accenture, consulting is about trusting people to know what they need to achieve and letting them go about it in their own way – allowing them to work out the best possible way of balancing home and work and giving them the help they need to make it a reality.

Exchanging Knowledge. Are you passionate enough to want to help people understand what you know? And humble enough to realise that you don’t know everything? As a consultant you’ll share knowledge with colleagues and clients alike and always be open to picking up something new.

Loving Technology. Do you know your VR from your MR? Have you weighed up the pros and cons of Apple vs Android? Have you ever loved a new gadget, app or device so much that you can’t wait to tell people about it? If you understand technology (and how it can change the world), you’ll fit right in.

Solving Problems. All clients will have their own specific challenges. In consulting, it’s up to you to find out exactly what they are before using your own knowledge (and the skills of the whole of Accenture) to come up with the perfect solution.

Being Global. Clients from all over the world come to us for our strategic thinking and technological expertise. Meaning that our consultants are in demand from Australia to Zanzibar.

If you want to enjoy the thrill of new experiences, the challenge of solving complex problems and the opportunity to travel all over the world, supported by a team of brilliant people, discover our consulting careers here.

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