February 07, 2022
Community, Collaboration and Constant Learning
By: Parissa Hedvat

I joined Accenture in May 2021, during lockdown, so have been part of Salesforce Business Group (SFBG) for less than a year. I have been to the office a grand total of one time! As keen as I am to start going in more often, I can honestly say I have not felt isolated since joining - in fact quite the opposite - which is down to SFBG’s character and dedication to fostering a welcoming spirit. It has been a truly welcoming place from the get-go, across all levels. I’ve felt part of the team since my induction. Actually, the induction was classic Accenture. It was held virtually using Oculus headsets, where myself and 30 other new joiners roamed around the virtual ‘Accenture Park’ and interacted as Avatars – definitely an interesting way to network on your first day, though I spent most of the time choosing my Avatar’s outfit!

Parissa Hedvat

Parissa Hedvat

Taken on my first day at Accenture – virtual and in reality

I would say one of the biggest selling points of SFBG is the community spirit I sensed immediately. In the midst of lockdown restrictions there were a series of virtual events (the cocktail-making class being personal highlight!) which helped to bridge the virtual gap. I found genuine people wherever I looked, people eager to help settle me in.

I have a fairly interesting route into Accenture. After graduating, I worked at a bank as an internal consultant delivering digital transformation projects. Then, during one of my placements, I got to work very closely with an Accenture team to deliver nCino (a Salesforce-hosted Banking platform). I absolutely loved working with the Accenture team, and realised I’d learned so much during that singular implementation that if I were to multiply that experience over and over, with different clients, sets of challenges, opportunities, strategic objectives, and landscapes, I would grow exponentially. I am very grateful to have made the move over, where I continue to deliver nCino implementations but now across different banks and business areas.

I am a functional consultant, so I primarily look at designing functionality. I design the system to be fit for business purpose and to deliver on requirements, but also to deliver on the wider strategic objectives of the bank. Essentially, I’m the ‘middleman’ between the business and the technology, translating business need into technical terms to create a system that works.

Since starting at Accenture, I have worked on two projects. They are similar in the sense that both utilise nCino, but they have very different use cases. The first was focussed on developing a mobile app to enable personal banking customers to switch mortgage rates, and the second on digital onboarding for business banking customers. I thoroughly enjoy working with nCino and being involved in the nCino Community across the globe. It is fantastic that working for Accenture, a leading partner of Salesforce and nCino, enables me to participate in truly joint partner innovation. I can think of several examples during my experience of us working closely together to improve the product and our delivery practices, using our joint perspectives to ultimately enhance implementations for future banking clients. I really do enjoy that cross-collaboration aspect of the job – where the people working for the business, the technology provider and Accenture are pulling together for that joint goal.

I think one thing that defines Accenture for me is that if you’re a consultant in the tech space, you truly do feel that you are in the best place to grow your knowledge and work at the cutting-edge. Every day I see an invite for an event, training or briefing on an emerging technology or industry trend. Those are just the ones that come into my inbox – let alone what’s out there if you go searching! It’s the feeling that you are in the place to be. It’s a sense that things are never stale because opportunities are constant. There is always new knowledge to grasp, new technologies to learn and new opportunities to grab.

Parissa Hedvat

I definitely see myself at Accenture for the long haul. I work with great people every day, am challenged every day, and learn something new every day. I love Salesforce and nCino, so growing my expertise in these technologies is something I aspire to do by achieving additional certifications, something Accenture is extremely encouraging and supportive of. I absolutely see myself staying in banking, continuing to deepen and broaden my industry knowledge with each project, so that every new engagement is an opportunity to bring my evolving experience to the client.

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