April 06, 2020
A school assembly inspired my career choice
By: Molly West

I knew I wanted to do an Accenture apprenticeship when they joined an assembly at my school and talked about their opportunities, the benefits and the work you could be doing. It was after that event, that I applied. It seemed like a great opportunity as you get your degree paid for and at the same time you get real work experience.

I personally thought the application was a bit tricky but, for each step, there was a lot of support and information to guide you through the process. We also had people to contact if we had questions during each stage. You start with an online application where you also send in your CV. This was followed by a video interview and some online tests and if you pass those, you get invited to the assessment centre.

At the assessment centre there were two challenges – one team challenge and one individual challenge. Then there was an interview which we had to do some research for beforehand - I did mine on AI (Artificial Intelligence). The final stage was the one-to-one interview and, the interviewer I had was very friendly and made me feel at ease, so it was not as formal as I had imagined. I was so happy when I got offered a place – I didn’t think I’d get it as I hadn’t done A level in IT but it was a subject I was interested in and showing a passion and understanding for the subject is more important.

When I first started, we did a bootcamp at Gateshead College and that was six weeks of learning Java to understand the basics. After that, I did some shadowing in Service Management – the team who look after any incidents that come through from our clients. Now, my role is helping to resolve those incidents by raising the tickets and getting back to the clients with answers, so it’s presently very client focused but I’m enjoying this.

The degree that I’m doing is Software Engineering with Newcastle College and as it’s an accelerated degree it only takes two years rather than three. We have college every Friday and typically there are three two-hour lectures during that day. At first, I thought the balance between work and study would be quite tough, but that’s not been the case (yet!). You get given the time to study and there are always people around you to provide mentoring and support. I’ve learnt something new every day and that keeps me interested and even some of what I’m learning at uni translates into what I’m doing at work.

The thing I most love about working here, to be honest, it’s the people – they make a big difference and I think that’s reflected right across Accenture. To have the opportunity of an apprenticeship here is fantastic; you’re getting a free degree, you’re getting paid, you’re getting experience of working for a global organisation and, there’s the chance of a secure job at the end.

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