July 01, 2021
An innovation focus in an Agile environment
By: Andrea Bureca
Andrea Bureca

I'm quite new to the Business Agility group, joining the team about six months ago but have been at Accenture for more than three years now, starting out in our Rome office and then making the move to London about two and half years ago.

Business Agility is a global practice and part of our Solutions IQ network where our focus is very much on agile-oriented, advisory-related, services. Our objective is coaching and counselling a client in their Business Transformation, while supporting them with their critical project deliveries. The most important part of what we do is helping clients to become Agile, to think Lean, and to shape their organisation around modern working principles. From design thinking, change management, coaching and facilitation, with some elements of project management and software delivery best practices, we are effectively helping large organisations with new ways of working, embracing change, and delivering value. We don't have formalised roles within the team, and we bring a real mix of skills that enable us to provide a unique capability to each client. However, my focus is within Team and Tech Agility, which combines people interactions, process design, tooling enablement, coaching and Agile project management. As a result, my passion is to try and bring an innovative and dynamic culture by leveraging on our founding base which combines Agile delivery models (i.e. Scrum, SAFe and Kanban) with innovation-centric methodologies (i.e. design thinking) – all backed by an Agile mindset.

My journey actually started out in our DevOps Group which at the time was a new practice being built up almost from scratch – I am not a tech engineer myself, but played a central role in starting the practice, as it was a “start-up” in the wider Accenture ecosystem – some would call it Intrapreneurship! Whilst there, I learnt the DevOps culture and how its principles are very Agile focused - really you can’t have one without the other - that gave me the opportunity to get close to the Agile world and to work with some very talented engineers. It was when I was in this team that I got one of my coolest roles which was on a Tech for Good project as a product owner for a gamified experience to help kids understand DevOps and Agile through a mobile app that used Extended Reality. I also managed to bring it to the UK App Store too if you want to check it out! I enjoyed that as I have a genuine passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and this project played to both of those.

Andrea Bureca

I would define myself as a creative person who has an analytical mindset backed by a managerial background – much more functional and operational than technical. However, within the Business Agility Group my role has pushed me to work with some very technical people on a daily basis, from developers, quality engineers, architects and so on. That means that technical upskilling happens in a continuous fashion, as ultimately you need to and want to speak their language! I would also add that continuous learning here is part of everyday life – it can often be a very steep learning curve but the support you get for your development is unbeatable.

I’ve always thought of Accenture being a consultancy that specialised in new technology and innovation and that’s what really led me to join the company in the first place. Now that I’m here, I can honestly say that’s true as we really do put modern tech and ways of working at the centre of our work. Innovation is at the forefront here and that’s down to the people… from those on the consulting side who can look at market opportunities and business problems and come up with ideas and solutions, to those with the great technical or design skills who are able to turn those ideas and solutions into a reality.

Andrea Bureca

As well as our innovative ethos, what I really like here is the inclusive culture and the amazingly talented and incredibly nice people you have the opportunity to work with, which is something to be really valued. Different people from completely different backgrounds with complementary skills bringing different experiences, perspectives, and points of view which enriches your working life. But, despite our size and global reach I would say we’re very much one company, one team, one Accenture!

We’re looking for more people like Andrea to join our team. If you have experience in Agile and are excited by the prospect of working with global clients on their business transformation journey, start your job search here.

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