August 17, 2022
Accenture Intern – First Steps
By: Christoforos Galazis

Hello! I am Christoforos and I have joined Accenture’s Responsible AI (Artificial Intelligence) team as an Alan Turing intern.

Starting a new position in an unfamiliar environment can always be daunting. However, this has not been the case with Accenture! Throughout the entire process leading to the start date, there was a sufficient level of communication. During the onboarding process the required documents and information were clear. Additionally, all involved in this process offered to answer any questions that I may have, which they did promptly. Over and above the onboarding process, I was given a lot of information on what to expect during the first few days of joining Accenture before diving into my team. Specifically, I was informed that I will start off with a two-day induction and was told what to expect from it. It is very assuring to know what will happen during the first day!

Another important aspect is that I received my work laptop well in advance of the start date. This allowed me to properly setup my workstation and install tools and software that I require for my position. Additionally, with a work laptop, I was able to have access to internal documentation and news. It is a wonderful way of learning more about the company, their values, and objectives.

A laptop was not the only thing I received in the mail. I received a nifty welcome gift box too! It was a nice gesture, and it will be a memorable moment of my time and experience at Accenture as an intern. I particularly like the thermal bottle. It is stainless steel inside, but bamboo is used for its exterior. Stylish and practical at the same time!

With the start date nearing, the first thing that might pop in someone’s mind is: “Oh gosh! Two days that will be tedious and overwhelming with information”. But to my surprise it was quite the opposite. It was a nice blend of information, interaction, and a chance to meet other new starters. One noteworthy activity was when we had the chance to explore the virtual office in the metaverse. We customized our own avatar, navigated the virtual world, and talked within our buddy groups. At the end of the induction, I was left with a pleasant experience and had the required resources at my disposal to navigate any needs I had.

Once I completed the induction the smooth transition to the team and daily work started. I had an opportunity to discuss with my manger what work is currently being done in the team and what will be my responsibilities and contributions towards that. Furthermore, I began attending the virtual weekly team meetings. I had the chance to meet my multi-disciplinary colleagues that are located across the globe. My sleeves are all rolled up and ready to start working!

Until the gears are in full motion, there is an incredibly large amount of learning resources available from Accenture that I have been digging through. This consists of required courses such as ethics and compliance. These are not your typical boring read throughs. You can notice that a lot of effort has been put into them, resulting to various interactive videos or mini games. Additionally, there are materials related to building technical knowledge or improving your soft skills. You can easily find something that is tailored to your role or future development scope. Of course, my go-to choice is completing first most responsible AI-related courses.

Started off on a good note. Cannot wait to see what comes next and where my journey in Accenture leads to!

Until next time.

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