March 10, 2022
A faster-paced career in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
By: Ben Cassels

I joined Accenture’s Salesforce Business Group two and half years ago to help boost the growth of our Salesforce Marketing practice in the UK & Ireland. I joined from an in-house marketing role at a global Entertainment company where I managed a team of 10 Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Marketers and Audience Planners, and was a decision maker in the Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as the Australia and New Zealand virtual CRM team of some 70-80 channel managers representing an iconic brand in our email and advertising communications with tens of millions of highly engaged gamers.

Whilst I found this role fascinating, I wanted a more dynamic career in a faster-paced environment where I could make a bigger impact and saw the Salesforce ecosystem as the ideal place to keep pace with technological change in the marketing world. Working in consulting would also offer me the chance to see inside the walls of multiple organisations across different industries.

Ben Cassells Office View

With no prior consulting experience, I saw joining a leading consulting firm as a step-up. But, having sat in our clients’ shoes across the table from consulting and marketing agency partners many times, I felt I would be equal to the challenge – if I could keep pace with Accenture’s renowned high-performance environment and learn from the talented people and teams, I knew I would come into contact with.

Like most experienced hires into the Salesforce Business Group, I knew I could also count on experience working with the Product – in my case four years’ working hands-on in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. However, I totally underestimated how limited my knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem was! I realised very quickly that the way my old company used the platform was completely different to many of our clients.

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Delivery Lead, my role is two-fold. Fundamentally, I’m a specialist consultant and subject matter expert, helping our clients understand, implement, operate, and optimise Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Then the delivery lead part involves stewardship of projects - generally managing a team of consultants and developers who implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud for our clients, so they in turn can deliver marketing campaigns for their customers more effectively.

The clients I’ve worked with have all been very different, from those who’ve had a knowledge base of pretty much zero to those who understand the platform really well and have an excellent vision for best-in-class marketing. It’s a role that has given me cross-industry experience including both B2B and B2C. I don’t specialise in one industry and so far, have worked in entertainment marketing, retail marketing, life sciences and now, I’m working in the products industry.

Because marketing’s ‘Next Big Thing’ has gone from automation to predictive intelligence, and real time data, you do need to keep up to speed with the changes in the marketing technology world and be able to articulate that to clients on a regular basis. To help with this we take advantage of lots of partner calls with Salesforce to understand what the product roadmap looks like and, we’ve also got a highly engaged internal global community of specialists who are constantly sharing knowledge and collaborating on solutions, which also helps you keep pace of what’s happening in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud space.

I’ve learnt so much since starting at Accenture, notably how to work smarter not harder as well as the importance of not being selfish about your own work and giving something back to the broader team. So much emphasis is placed on making this a great place to work, with our People Advocate Network team working tirelessly during the pandemic in particular, to make sure our team have got the tools and space they need to do their jobs and maintain a work/life balance. To do my part in giving back, I am working with my boss and mentor to help to grow our marketing cloud team and practice both onshore and offshore. This involves channelling learning opportunities to team members, ensuring the whole team is exposed to stimulating work and ensuring that successes are celebrated. I am also helping to recruit the next wave of MarTech talent into our team.

In the Salesforce Business Group at Accenture there’s a strong performance culture and the environment is meritocratic, which was a must for me in choosing somewhere to work, but there’s also a very inclusive and caring culture and I think increasingly our leadership team has people strategy at the core. It’s a company that really cares about its people because Accenture realises that people are the key to its success.

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If you’re looking for a faster-paced and more challenging opportunity, why not find out more about opportunities in our Salesforce Business Practice here.

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