Our research suggests we’re on the brink of a post-pandemic boom. Business confidence is rising. Digital transformation is accelerating. Opportunities abound for those who can capture the moment.

In late April, as national lockdowns started to ease, three of Accenture’s top executives in the UK came together to discuss the state of the nation post-pandemic and post-Brexit. They dug into their vast experience across the UK’s top public and private sector organisations, and Accenture’s wealth of research and thought leadership, to offer best practice examples, valuable lessons and informed predictions.

Watch this discussion to find out how to:

  • Learn from others – build strategy and operations based on our experience working with major clients facing similar challenges
  • Align with customer values – shape and build experiences that serve people’s changing expectation, create joy and meaning
  • Unite tech and the boardroom – break down the barriers between strategy and technology to drive long-term transformation at speed
  • Build back better – combine commercial success with sustainable and ethical business

Tomorrow, Today 2021 Accenture

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Our experts


Tomorrow, Today 2021 I Accenture Highlights

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An overview of both the challenges and opportunities facing the UK today.

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