Series 3, Episode 3:

Exploring the National AI Strategy

The government sees the National AI Strategy as fundamental to the UK’s economic growth over the next ten years. Mark Girolami, Chief Scientist of The Alan Turing Institute, and Accenture's Fernando Lucini discuss what this means for business and society. As a global AI powerhouse, UK business is already seeing opportunities to grow and transform. 

Tomorrow, Today 2021 Accenture | Series 3, Episode 3

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Fernando Lucini

Fernando Lucini

Global Data Science & ML Engineering Lead


Series 3, Episode 2:

Get Me To The Customer On Time!

With supply chain issues in the news across the world, Accenture’s Maddie Walker, UK&I Industry X Lead and Stéphane Crosnier, UK&I Supply Chain & Operations Lead explore how transformations in modern manufacturing might make localised supply chains more plausible. How can companies best protect themselves from the vagaries of the market and build more resilient systems for the future?

Tomorrow, Today 2021 Accenture | Series 3, Episode 2

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Maddie Walker

Maddie Walker

UK&I Industry X Lead

Stéphane Crosnier

Stéphane Crosnier

UK&I Supply Chain & Operations Lead

Series 3, Episode 1:

Turning Words Into Action: COP26

News reports gave us the COP26 headlines, but what was the mood on the ground? Accenture's UK and Ireland Lead, Simon Eaves, reports from Glasgow, where attendees were feeling the urgency but emerged more optimistic than many media reports suggested. Corporations were more involved than ever and committed to turning words to action.

Tomorrow, Today 2021 Accenture | Series 3, Episode 1

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Simon Eaves

Simon Eaves

UK&I Market Unit Lead


Series 2: Human-Centric Technology

Tomorrow, Today 2: Black Mirror or Blue Skies?

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Watch part two to discover:

  • How far we've come through the pandemic, and how fast
  • What more needs to be done for hybrid work and life to live up to its potential
  • How business technology has moved beyond the boardroom, and how everyone is now becoming a technologist
  • How some of the industries at the forefront of disruption are setting examples we can follow
  • What business leaders need to do to make the most of opportunity

Black Mirror or Blue Skies?

The stakes have never been higher.


What the pandemic revealed about how we’ll live.


Avoiding disruption.


Good intentions are necessary, but not sufficient.


Thinking beyond the boardroom.

Series 1: Delivering Tomorrow, Today

Watch part one to find out how to:

  • Learn from others – build strategy and operations based on our experience working with major clients facing similar challenges
  • Align with customer values – shape and build experiences that serve people’s changing expectation, create joy and meaning
  • Unite tech and the boardroom – break down the barriers between strategy and technology to drive long-term transformation at speed
  • Build back better – combine commercial success with sustainable and ethical business

Tomorrow, Today 2021 Accenture | Full Series 1

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