Tech advances. Diversity retreats.

The proportion of women working in tech is now smaller, at 32%, than it was in 1984, at 35%. Today, women hold just 16% of engineering roles and 27% of computing roles in companies in the US.


50% of women in tech roles leave them by the age of 35.


Senior HR leaders are (at 45%) twice as likely as women (at 21%) themselves to say it's "easy for women to thrive in tech."


With more inclusive cultures, there could be almost 3 million young women working in tech in 2030.

An inclusive culture is everyone's responsibility

"Women prefer an environment where they see women in leadership, and that attracts more women. It comes down to focus, metrics, and holding ourselves accountable."

— Mary, Managing Director – Tech Innovation

What needs to be done?

An inclusive culture is vital to keeping women in tech. Here are the top five strategies your organization can apply to drive change. Read our report for more detail.

Let both parents parent

Improve parental leave policies and make sure everyone is encouraged to use them.

Make it a metric

Set external goals and targets to increase diversity and hold leaders accountable.

Send reinforcements

Provide women-specific support, like mentors, sponsors and employee resource networks.

Encode creativity

Promote the role of tech in driving world-changing innovation.

Meet on their terms 

Encourage inclusive networking events, when everyone can join.

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Voices of change

Britney, Blockchain lead, on the role of mentoring

Teresa, R&D MD on accountability and diversity

Jasmin, Sr. Analyst, on creativity and innovation

Resetting tech culture: Get the fast facts

Our research shows inclusive culture is key to retaining women in tech roles, but many companies do not recognize its importance. Our report offers actionable steps to reset tech culture.

Tech is expanding

A diverse world needs tech made by diverse people

As our research shows, when companies are more inclusive and diverse, employees are happier and more willing and able to innovate.

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