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Two fundamental beliefs inspire Accenture’s Social Innovators initiative:

  • Tackling the complex challenges facing society and our planet is most effective when done in collaboration across businesses, sectors and industries.
  • Anyone can be a social innovator if they are equipped with key skills and mindsets, networks and resources.

In fiscal 2021, more than 10,000 Accenture people engaged with the Social Innovators program alongside more than 100 clients and ecosystem partners to deliver social and environmental impact in nearly 40 countries.

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Innovation Challenge

Tackling the greatest social and environmental challenges


The Accelerator supports our people with funding, connections and coaching to address four priority areas: disaster response; jobs and skills; inclusion and diversity; and environment.

During fiscal 2021, nearly 60 teams have created projects including:

  • Winning teams from the inaugural Innovation Challenge
  • Supporting the design of a new hospital experience
  • Using technology to improve inclusivity in recruiting
  • Fueling a diverse talent pipeline
  • Transforming global food production

Learning curriculum

Our social innovators program also offers a learning curriculum to build the critical skills and mindsets needed to take ideas to market for impact.

We host virtual upskilling sessions on topics including design thinking, rapid prototyping, empathy-led value creation and storytelling.

We also run an immersive four-week program called Base Camp, in partnership with digital learning leader Hyper Island, to build skills in creative problem solving, consequencing, prototyping, life-centered design and cross-sector collaboration.

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