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NEXT Conference 2019

Shift your perspective on digital business.

Parallelwelten. The NEXT19 main topic.

The full flavor of NEXT19

Some speakers of NEXT19

Eliza Filby

Academic, Journalist

Eliza Filby is a writer and speaker who specializes in ‘Generational Intelligence’ and investigating generational shifts.
Payal Arora

Associate Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Author and researcher Payal Arora reveals user habits influencing organizations seeking to reach the next billion online users.
T.L. Taylor

Professor, MIT

T.L. Tayler is a qualitative sociologist who has focused on internet and game studies for over two decades.
Rogier Creemers

Leiden University, Global Head of Trends & Insights

Rogier Creemers researches domestic technology policies in China, as well as Chinese participations in global cyber affairs.
David Mattin

Trend Watching, Global Head of Trends & Insights

David Mattin writes and speaks about technological, social and cultural change. He also contributes on trends and innovation.
Ben Sauer

Babylon Health, VUI Designer and Product Strategist

Ben Sauer talks about Voice UI and trains people about it. His current mission: access to affordable healthcare across the world.
Viveca Chan

WE Marketing Group, Founder & Group CEO

Viveca is recognized as a pioneer in advertising in China and a first mover in digital, social media, CRM, e-commerce and use of new technology in marketing.
Efosa Ojomo

Clayton Christensen Institute, Senior Researcher

Most recently, Efosa published the critically acclaimed book, The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty.
James Beacham

CERN, Particle physicist

Join Dr. James Beacham as he explores the edges of knowledge – including CERN's plans for a colossal Future Circular Collider.
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