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Treading the path from early disruptor to platform Titan

Part 2: The road to maturity


Social networks, search engines, cloud software providers and ride-sharing companies form an influential and fast-growing group of Platform companies which are reaping huge rewards by disrupting existing industries. Despite varied offerings and widely differing sector focus, these companies have much in common.

They need to grow fast or risk being left behind, and the pace of technological change offers little time for reflection, analysis and decision making. If they are to join the “Platform Titans” that dominate the sector they will face similar challenges as they scale their businesses and expand globally.

Accenture’s new POV series, Treading the Path from Early Disruptor to Platform Titan, explores the massive opportunities for growth within this fast-paced industry.

The Road To Maturity

Platform companies are the fast-growing group of “born digital” enterprises that are reshaping the global economy and transforming how we work and live, from where we stay on holiday to running business operations systems in the cloud. With multiple offerings in different sectors, these companies are a highly diverse group.

But if successful, they will all follow a predictable evolution: from initial Hypergrowth to Global Expansion and ultimately Service Sophistication

In part two we highlight how successful Platform companies typically grow, treading the path from nascent start-up to global force—and the financial rewards that success brings.