Uncovering value in a new energy system

Our world runs on utilities. That's why our utility consulting group helps companies, including electricity, gas and water, reinvent their businesses to accelerate performance and drive future value and growth.

We combine our deep utilities industry expertise with digital innovation and leading-edge technology to bring unique end-to-end services to clients. Whether in power generation and transmission and distribution to energy retail and enterprise functions, our clients are proving there's nothing companies can't do through the power of digital.

Facing disruption wisely means looking beyond short-term pressures and focusing on creating scalable businesses that will matter long term.

Case studies

Sorgenia teamed with Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade for its migration to the cloud.

Accenture helped Gasunie meet its operational needs for safe, secure gas transport.

Delivering a robust new business platform helped Essent energize its business and customer relationships.

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Insights from our utilities blog

Our utility consultants weigh in on the insights and trends shaping utilities across the entire value chain.

Culture makers in the utilities industry

In this Accenture Utilities blog post, senior managing directors Stephanie Jamison and Casey share what it means to be a culture market in utilities.

Plugging into value from Electric Vehicle adoption

As battery costs drop and consumers hit the “gas” on EVs, a massive eMobility value pool is emerging that will bend the adoption curve upward.

Three ways to deliver customer experience excellence

As the utilities look to future-proof business growth, Accenture’s Anita Hui tells us three factors driving success and value via customer experience.

Five trends will define utilities in 2020

Accenture’s Casey Wells on how utilities with proactive, purpose-driven planning can seize ample opportunity in the new decade of rapid change.


What does it take to be a leader in utility services? A combination of innovation and deep industry expertise. Discover why our consultants are considered the best at what they do across industries, from energy to electric to water.


Recognized as a utilities leader for worldwide customer experience

2019 Recipient.


Positioned as a utilities leader in digital transformation worldwide

2019 Recipient.


Recognized as a leader in EMEA digital grid transformation for utilities

2019 Recipient.

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