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Join us as we fuel the effort to reinvent energy.

The “crown joules” of the energy industry

Winning in the energy transition calls for a new and dynamic approach to capital allocation. We call it the Accenture Energy System Model (patent pending), a portfolio-evaluation methodology that is analytics-based and scenario-driven.

The model looks at two metrics—profitability per joule (USD/J) and invested capital turnover or joule delivered per unit of capital (J/USD)—to weigh asset investments on their absolute value creation. These metrics are particularly important as they encompass all of the variables the converging future energy system introduces.

The Accenture Energy System Model (patent pending) helps oil and gas companies allocate capital to multiple energy sources for optimal returns.

Accelerating the reinvention journey in oil and gas

Most oil and gas companies realize the need to transform to achieve profitability and stay relevant during and after the energy transition. Yet, many still struggle to understand what transformation will mean to their business.

Our inaugural Oil and Gas Reinvention Index research suggests that transformation will not be enough. Reinvention is needed. And that reinvention must be anchored in five core areas. Our research bears this out. Survey findings show that oil and gas companies most committed to reinvention expect their actions to help them grow margins by at least 7% and revenues by at least 11% in the next three years.

We believe reinvention across these five dimensions will distinguish the industry leaders in the years ahead and potentially unlock up to $500 billion in value annually for the industry.


Fast forward: Accelerating the journey to reinvention

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Case studies

NexTier Oilfield Solutions consolidated multiple systems into a single ERP platform to achieve merger synergies of US$120 million in just six months.

Compañía MEGA implemented SAP SuccessFactors on the cloud—modernizing HR processes, reducing IT costs and managing its workforce to achieve growth.

BP implemented two innovative products to keep its people safe while working faster and more reliably.

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Workforce enablement for the energy future

Oil and gas companies can embrace agility while also enabling their workforce to focus on cultural change.

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New Accenture, Energy Workforce & Technology Council study shows inclusion and diversity progress despite pandemic

Despite COVID-19 and lower oil prices, the number of women in the U.S. energy tech and services sector rose to nearly 20%, countering a national trend.

Report: O&G companies most committed to radical reinvention expect twice the revenue, margin of growth for least committed

A new Accenture report identifies best practices oil and gas companies should adopt to thrive in the energy transition.

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