In brief

In brief

  • Now that 660 million Chinese citizens are using smartphones, intelligent devices have become a fixture in daily life.
  • According to Accenture’s 2017 digital trends research, existing intelligent equipment and services fall short of satisfying consumers’ expectations.
  • We therefore put forward five insights and revelations about how this relationship will continue to change, bringing smart life to the fore.

Smartphones at the epicenter of the digital world

Smartphones will be more closely integrated into people’s work and daily lives, putting them at the center of both. In the future, we will focus on interconnecting intelligent equipment of all types to improve people’s work, living, and health conditions.


of respondents spending more than 2 hours on smartphones per day on average.


of respondents change smartphones once every two years.

Building the Artificial Intelligence (AI) / human relationship

Intelligent voice recognition is enabling a wave of human-machine communication. Chinese consumers are accepting voice assistants more quickly than consumers in many other countries, so we expect artificial intelligence to find applications in a wide variety of fields here, from healthcare to transportation.


machines now recognize voice with an accuracy rate in excess of 90%.


Chinese consumers using voice assistants according to Accenture’s 2017 global survey.

According to Accenture’s research, Chinese consumers’ expectations for AI applications concentrate in: home appliances, health care, transportation, security, and sports and fitness.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) reinvent the customer experience

Half of Chinese consumers look forward to the magic of experiencing their products through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR and AR are becoming a reality of future retail, redefining customer experience.


of Chinese consumers have purchased or are interested in purchasing VR or AR apps.

Digital trust: A new contract with consumers

Traditionally, consumer attitudes in China toward privacy issues in the digital age have been relaxed and tolerant. However, now Chinese consumers are raising their expectations for companies and other organizations to provide data security and earn digital trust. As a result, data ethics is increasingly coming into the spotlight.

Accenture believes that in order to win consumer trust, it is essential that enterprises not only have strong data security guarantees, but also exercise high data ethics standards in every phase of the consumer experience.

Digital distraction

Digital technologies have changed the way people connect with each other and the relationship between human beings and the environment. However, Chinese consumers’ digital life is not free from problems, worries, and anxieties. To make digital life ideal, innovators in the digital world need to be guided by the ultimate philosophy of designing technologies and products with the people at the center.

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