Taking off to navigate the S-Curve


Design, pilot and rapidly industrialize new content, services and tailored offerings that enrich the audience experience and scale the new as an agile and multi-dimensional media company, realizing new growth across the value chain and winning the hearts, minds and share of wallet of tomorrow’s consumers.

The S-Curve defines the journey of growing the core and pivoting to new growth.

Investing in the New

Content creators must choose where to target their business model, exploring B2B, B2C or platform partnerships to drive new value.

Targeting a business model requires content creators to explore B2B, B2C or platform partnerships.

Media and entertainment strategies

Digital disruption provides an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a “media” company- and fulfil this vision in fresh and innovative ways. There are a number of possible choices, all equally good, that should be considered:

Direct to consumer

Corner a content market to develop a direct-to-consumer offering.

Digital first

Develop digital first offerings to reach new audiences across super-platforms.

Lifestyle ecosystem

Influence a consumer market beyond content and across their lifestyle.


Offer leading D2C capabilities as a service.

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George Nazi

Global Lead – Communications and Media

Lynn McMahon

Managing Director, Lead – Media and Entertainment, North America​​​

Gavin Mann

Managing Director, Lead – Global Broadcast Industry​

Mike Chapman

Media and Entertainment and Video Strategy Global Lead


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