Companies, workforces, consumers, and industries are now inextricably connected, and being digital is no longer enough for a communications business to differentiate itself.

But it does give communications organizations a foothold for their next big opportunity: capturing moments.

With direct digital access to customers and increasingly powerful analytics capabilities, communications companies can understand their current and potential markets better than ever before. And with sophisticated backend technology that can reorient the business quickly, they can deliver for those momentary markets faster than ever before.

Put those capabilities together and every moment is a chance to deliver a new product or service designed not just for a specific customer, but for their needs at a specific point in time.

To anticipate moments of opportunity, communications companies must dramatically improve the granularity of their forecasting, and the first step is turning to AI. It is not a question of collecting more data; communications companies already have information on supply chains, customer sentiment, stock, transit times, and even the weather. The challenge? No team can tackle this deluge of information alone.


of customers believe, when unsatisfied, it is easier than ever to simply take their business elsewhere

Miss the moment, and there is no second chance. But opportunity awaits the businesses that are prepared to capture the moments when they come.

George Nazi

Senior Managing Director – Global Communications & Media Industry Lead

Adriano Poloni

Managing Director – Communications and Media


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