In brief

In brief

  • Pragmatic strategies for getting your people on side
  • The eight critical new skills your people will need to succeed
  • An introduction to key management concepts that will help you tear down old silos

Your people need to see this not as a technology program, but as a complete journey of transformation that rethinks the operating model, the value tree, their skills and their core KPIs. It’s everyone’s job to inject a new culture into the organization.

We’ve challenged you to trash your rule book and quickly change your DNA to accelerate growth in the digital landscape. Build “test and learn” into the way you do things. Blend multi-disciplinary agile “pod” teams that combine the capabilities of the organization to unlock value. Draw insight from the product side (value) and measure cost from the content and engineering side (velocity) to create a new “velocity of value” that drives your culture. Help your people to become obsessed with data: a currency becoming more valuable than oil.

Cultivate the new DNA

As your people start to work together in this way, they become a new company “brain” that shakes down the old silos of marketing, engineering, operations and analytics. The new, product-led, agile way of working shortens your path to meeting customers’ preferences across devices, channels and brands.

Consider establishing or improving these corporate functions to help your people embrace new ways of working.

Innovation Hub
Develop use cases here to feed the innovation funnel. Leveraging your R&D internal capacity, continuously scouting, enabling, attracting and testing the ecosystem through hackathons, designing and building proofs of concept (PoC) as part of multi-variate testing campaigns. Hubs often include venture capital funding to inject new skills and accelerate innovation paths.

Industrialization DevOps Factory
Turn proofs of concept into marketable services faster. Promote innovation from incubation to production grade by pushing strategic resources to high value activities and industrializing low-value tasks like integration testing and performance testing.

Ecosystem Enablement
Create value for an ecosystem of partners by establishing a frictionless business. Leverage smart contracts. Use blockchain to expose data and assets in a secure and controlled way.

Design and Standardization Authority
Make sure your innovation is compatible with your core business. Bring in governance to implement it across ideation, design, investment and value, ways of working and change, data strategy, technology standardization and microservice maturity framework maintenance.

"No change lasts without your people’s buy-in. Give them the right tools for transformation."

– JOHN IBBOTSON, Strategy Lead – Media and Entertainment

John Ibbotson

Strategy Lead – Media and Entertainment

Gino Galassi

Managing Director – AVS Product Line​

James Weeks

Senior Manager – Accenture Digital Video


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