In a fast-moving consumer goods market where expectations are constantly evolving, how do you stay competitive? Successful CPG companies need to have a direct relation with their consumers and deliver a seamless experience across channels—and even anticipate consumer needs to deliver the right offer via the right channel at the right time. Fratelli Carli embarked on an omnichannel transformation to build and sustain relevance with their customers and scale it globally.

Omnichannel on the menu

Fratelli Carli is a 100-year-old company that sells its olive oil and food products direct to consumers. The company pioneered e-commerce sales in the early 1990s and is now poised to build a true omnichannel experience, helping them increase sales. It will also help develop more innovative ways to interact with their customers using targeted promotions across digital and social channels. Fratelli Carli teamed up with Accenture to take their business to the next level.

Strategy and solution

Together, we are integrating Fratelli Carli’s approach to consumer engagement across web, telephone, email and retail point of sale. In this journey, Fratelli Carli used the Accenture Customer Innovation Network in Milan to explore new business models and the evolution of the consumer experience.

As Fratelli Carli’s business evolved, they needed a more holistic view of the customer relationship in order to uniquely personalize products, offers, promotions and overall brand experience.

The Salesforce suite

Salesforce Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Einstein were key in this evolution, enabling the client to centralize all promo, prices and discounts.


The Salesforce suite was complemented by proprietary Accenture technology, bit2win, to help give a consistent consumer experience across all channels.

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Fratelli Carli can now offer consumers a consistent experience regardless of interaction channel. Consumer data collected from all the touchpoints helps generate consumer insights and product recommendations. Most importantly, consumers now have more personalized content with consistent promotions and discounts through all sales channels. Customer care and contact center agents have also a full view of a customer’s past interactions, communications, promotions, and sales and deliveries, to offer the best customer service.

The new solution will be instrumental in helping Fratelli Carli build relevance at scale with their consumers globally. With it, they can enlarge their digital footprint, pursuing growth opportunities from e-commerce and integrated omnichannel, particularly outside of Italy.

Globally building relevance at scale

The new capabilities are helping Fratelli Carli:

Better understand consumers and their behavior

The company can gather important data that can be mined for further insights.

Personalize consumer interactions across channels

This helps to develop new website and marketing content and engage customers more effectively.

Enhance cross-selling and upselling

These capabilities can be upgraded for contact centers and e-commerce.

Rationalize pricing and promotion

Improvements across channels are possible thanks to a better view of results.

Ramp-up innovation

Fratelli Carli is poised to prototype and experiment with new promotions.

Increase efficiency and productivity

With the new capabilities, the company can lower overall operating costs while improving store and call center associates’ productivity.

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Fueling consumers’ passion for food

Marco is a busy dad who is passionate about food. Quality and convenience matter. He has a few spare moments on his morning commute to shop on the Fratelli Carli website, selecting from the company’s vast product selection.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Marco’s experience changes as he browses. Fratelli Carli presents him with an optimal view of the products and page layout to create a personalized experience. Previous purchases suggest that his palate favors strong flavors and food from particular regions. Inspiration arrives for that evening’s dinner, and he adds a few other items to the basket.

With Click & Collect, Marco selects a Fratelli Carli shop near his home to pick up his items at the end of the day. Once he makes his purchases, he receives promotions that he can use for his next shop, whether online or in-store. Fratelli Carli’s new omnichannel approach is giving consumers like Marco the kind of relevant, seamless shopping experiences that people want now.

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