Data Security Fundamentals

A solid cybersecurity foundation requires secure data. Learn the basics of data-centric security and pressure testing.

How to achieve data-centric security

Significant data breaches at companies typically have three things in common.

A shift to data-centric security

It's a mindset executives should embrace by thinking about cybersecurity differently.

Exposed: The hidden value of risk in banking

Banks must take a more progressive approach to risk management to stay secure.

Threat Intelligence

Knowledge is crucial to security. Learn about new threats, security trends and strategies to stay cybersecure and resilient.

2018 State of Cyber Resilience report

Five steps security teams can take to close the gap on cyber attackers and embed security into the fabric of their organizations.

How to protect yourself from malware attacks

Meltdown and Spectre are among the latest vulnerabilities to raise cybersecurity concerns.

What does an effective security strategy look like?

The Accenture Security Index assesses performance across 33 cybersecurity capabilities.

Outsmarting security threats to utilities

Bold moves are needed to build a more cyber resilient power-delivery system.

Cybersecurity Governance for the Board

Cyber resilience starts at the top. Spread the role of security throughout the organization and align it with the business.

Accenture Security Technology Vision 2018

Challenges with cryptography, hardware and GDPR lie ahead for security leaders. Learn the steps to better protect customers and the enterprise.

The cyber-committed CEO

Three industry leading practices make cybersecurity more business-relevant to the c-suite and board.

Federal cybersecurity shoots for the moon

Agencies must adopt the latest digital technology to bolster security in the next five years.

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