Platform Adoption

Achieve & sustain relevance in an intensely customer-centric mindset, at scale.

Let's talk loyalty

LOYALTY IS OVER. What matters today is constant relevance. The challenge of attracting and retaining customers is just the start. To achieve scale, you must remain continuously relevant during this never-ending cycle of evaluation. The timeframe for growth is being constantly compressed as the competition for hearts, minds and wallets intensifies and accelerates.

Platform Adoption | Let’s Talk Loyalty

Accenture's video shows how platforms businesses can achieve an intensely customer-centric mindset across multiple points of evaluation. See more.

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Loyalty is no more

Today, there’s little time to make mistakes. The moment platform valuation flattens, or growth slows, the battle is lost. That’s why growing platform adoption – fast and early – is so critical.

What it is

Platform adoption is a set of capabilities designed to drive growth, improve relevance and increase revenue—allowing companies to scale globally.

Why it matters

Adoption demands an intensely customer-centric mindset—one that inspires profoundly different behaviors earlier in the adoption cycle.

Where it’s going

Driven by human-machine innovations—across sales, marketing and service, the future of platform adoption will rely heavily on hyper-relevance.

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How we can help

Platform adoption spans a set of capabilities that allow platforms to evolve and companies to scale. Our services focus relentlessly on propositions that anticipate and respond to fast-changing customer needs.



Our services help design for growth across users, markets, and products and services.

Solutions we provide:

  • Customer experience optimization
  • Customer segmentation & analytics
  • Customer & partner acquisition, enablement & onboarding
  • Market entry & expansion strategy
  • Campaign management


We help to deliver frictionless experiences by discouraging abandonment with deep personalized engagement.

Solutions we provide:

  • Engagement & activation programs
  • Customer feedback management
  • Churn analysis and retention programs
  • Engagement experimentation & testing
  • Ecosystem success programs (PRM)


We identify sources of new value and create advocated by continuously leveraging platform data.

Solutions we provide:

  • Customer centricity design (consulting & operations)
  • Persistent personalization
  • Interaction design white glove support
  • Referral & loyalty management

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Listen to our podcast series: On the platform

Successful platforms achieve (and keep on achieving) an intensely customer-centric mindset, across every touchpoint. And they’re doing this at scale, faster than ever.

By inspiring radically different behaviors in their customers early in the adoption cycle, these leaders continuously drive growth, improve relevance and increase revenues.

Listen now to find out how human + machine innovation—spanning sales, marketing and service—is driving the future of platform adoption through hyper-relevance.


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