New Science

A dynamic combination of the best in science and health technology is filling unmet needs with more precise and effective treatments.

Outcomes in New Science

Science isn’t just in petri dishes anymore. Novel technology is increasingly involved. Discoveries are being made and tested in the cloud. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are digesting data lakes and helping drive new discoveries, speed development and provide smarter care.

Scientific innovation capabilities drive the biopharma sector both to develop treatments and manage global health. But science has changed—so how we innovate must also change. The way we measure benefits for patients and populations is going to shape the future.

In 2019, Accenture identified and defined New Science: a dynamic combination of the best in science and health technology that is driving more growth than originally predicted.


What is New Science?

New Science is Accenture’s global analysis of regulated scientific treatments in both the pipeline and the market. It classifies science using different dimensions to understand its dynamics for patients, companies and markets. The dimensions include:

Scientific novelty

Enables better understand of future areas of growth in disease and overall therapeutic areas, and better manage portfolio risk.

Unmet need

Measuring treatments that qualify as achieving current unmet need ensures development of medicines for patient impact.

Technology convergence

Measuring medicines that coexist with technology in the near-term and future ensures a better understanding of science’s growing dependence on tech.

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Built for Change a podcast from Accenture

New Science-A new economic reality for growth

A conversation with Scott Howell, CSO at Novartis

Scott Howell, Chief Strategy Officer, US Pharmaceuticals at Novartis and Ray Pressburger, Accenture Life Sciences Commercial Services Lead, come together to discuss recent pricing, access and affordability pressures, the realities of how the industry operates today, what they think is coming next and what it will mean for patients, providers and manufacturers.

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The new economics of life sciences

Scott Howell and Ray Pressburger discuss ways to improve economic sustainability and unlock better access to care for the patients who truly need it.

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Shaping the future with science

When a global pandemic forced the industry into unprecedented action, the global scientific community collaborated in exceptional ways and public-private partnerships drove innovation to address a common need with two highlights standing out: technology and science.

  • Technology enabled people to make the shift and work from home, care for patients at a distance, conduct clinical trials virtually and reconfigure supply chains.
  • Science enabled multiple COVID-19 vaccines to be developed in record time despite the remote working environment.

But, how can we use the lessons of COVID-19 to help us address system and patient-level affordability issues, while still advancing the discovery, development and delivery of new treatments for all health conditions?

Our research found three ways New Science can support and deliver the innovation that today’s economics demand.

As New Science grows in prominence, a new economic environment is demanding change for biopharma’s.

"The investment in scientific innovation is born by all stakeholders and felt most deeply by patients. Now the goal must be maximizing return on that investment for patients, too. There are better, faster ways to deliver innovation—2020 proved that."

— STUART HENDERSON, Global Lead – Accenture Life Sciences

Case studies

With the pandemic, a game-changing new supply chain network was needed for lightspeed delivery and safe handling of a unique new cold chain drug.

A biopharmaceutical company collaborates with Accenture to navigate a complex FDA submission for an innovative cell therapy.

Bristol Myers Squibb upgrades global SAP to S/4HANA in the AWS cloud flawlessly and without business disruption.

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