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Industry X Zone - London

Introducing the London Industry X Zone

Our focus

What we offer

Zone tours

Explore new ideas and solutions for your company through tours in the Zone. See the latest technologies in action and the value they add.

Innovation workshops

In workshops we tailor the experience to help you achieve your objectives. We apply our Industry X knowledge and solutions to your business.

Thought leadership

Discover the latest trends and don’t miss the changes to Industry X which companies are already implementing.

The Zone in action

Connected worker

Combining smart wearables, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce errors and rework.

Video analytics

Capture and identify movement in restricted areas though video analytics.

Manufacturing automation

Cobot: a flexible, safe and affordable alternative to fixed line automation.

ABB smart sensor

Turning data from machines into actionable insights to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Facial recognition

Use facial recognition and analytics to identify people and facial expressions.

The Zone space

A tour utilising the space in the Zone for a demonstration.

Case studies

Petrofac: Discovering digital depths

Petrofac and Accenture are digitally transforming upstream operations, engineering and construction services.

Implementing an industrial wireless network

Learn how a mobile solution helped to implement an industrial wireless network.

Our leaders

Maddie Walker

Senior Managing Director – Industry X, UK and Ireland Lead

Dan Farrell

Industry X, Engineering & Manufacturing, UK and Ireland Lead

Yen-Sze Soon

UKI Digital Manufacturing & Operations Lead

Ed Renshaw

UKI Intelligent Products and Platforms Lead