Go beyond Industry 4.0

If you think Industry 4.0 is the epitome of industrial digitization—think again. The fact is the very notion of industry itself is evolving.

Today's world runs on rapid, exponential and, above all, perpetual change. The solution is not another industrial revolution, but a wholesale digital transformation in both the things we make and the way we make them. This is the New. This is Industry X.0.

Our end-to-end framework and cross-functional breadth of research and resources allows you to operationalize digital innovation across your business at every stage of product and service development. Using new technologies like IIoT, analytics, AI, robotics, 3D printing and digital twin, you'll unlock new revenue and work with customers, employees and partners on a whole new level.

Through Industry X.0, we can help you not only adapt to change but also embrace it as a way to win in the New.


The nuts and bolts of digital transformation

Every Industry X.0 transformation is unique. Our integrated framework allows us to broaden our reach where necessary, drawing from an extended range of Accenture and partner capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Product X.0: New value in connected products

Product and service design and development, including hardware and embedded software, guided by Agile experts.

Engineering X.0: Digital engineering

Customer-centric, data-driven engineering and product lifecycle management, powered by digital twin technology.

Production & Ops X.0: End-to-end digitization

Shop floor-to-top floor integration with MES, MOM, connected worker, 3D printing and AI-powered production.

Case studies

Digitally reinventing your operating model can improve customer service, maintenance costs and growth.

See how our Digital Service Factory helped cut time to market for new digital services by 80 percent.

Airbus brought wearable technology into the factory to aid workers, reduce errors and optimize assembly.

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Accenture to expand Industry X.0 capabilities with acquisition of Zielpuls

Detect Technologies, Ecolibrium Energy and StatsSure came out on top in the competition that aims to recognize disruptive startups in India.

Accenture expands Industry X.0 capabilities with two acquisitions in North America

Accenture has acquired Mindtribe and Pillar Technology to boost its ability to help companies innovate smart, connected software and hardware products.

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