"The Art of the Possible"

Accenture’s Government and Health team are helping define the vision of tomorrow. Alongside Government, we innovate together—partners who are deeply invested in delivering effective outcomes at any scale. Using our global capabilities, we co-create with a local focus, supporting our SMEs to ensure all citizens benefit from our growing ecosystem.

Brisbane-based Janine Griffiths is a 26-year veteran of Accenture and is Managing Director of Accenture’s Government and Health business in Queensland. She earned her Bachelor’s of Commerce degree from the University of Queensland, yet knew straightaway that becoming a tax accountant fell short of her desire to contribute to a greater purpose. When she discovered the "change management services" industry, Janine’s interest was instantly piqued.

"My interests have always been geared more towards the human element involved in transforming industries" said Janine. "I wanted to work with the people who developed engineering-systems, who created customer care processes and reimagined operations of organisations - the people who were at the coal face and leading change within their business. While at Uni, I met someone by chance at a lunch with friends. She was working in a role that sounded exactly aligned to my specific interests and so I decided to interview with the company that she worked for."

That new firm – now known as Accenture – wasted no time investing in its new hires. As a new graduate, Janine kept herself abreast of emerging technology, translated technical IT jargon into plain speak, and immersed herself into the fast-evolving world of technology designing and leading change programs with telecommunications companies across three countries. In parallel with her work, she decided to return to school to obtain a post-graduate degree from the Australian Graduate School of Management in Organisational Change Management.

"The knowledge and passion we bring to our local government clients from across our global brains trust is really at the forefront," said Janine. "Our primary goal is to ensure Queensland Government can imagine and create operations, services, and experiences that are not only fit for tomorrow, but also meet all Queensland’s needs in a responsible, sustainable way. Our clients don’t want ‘yes’ people. They appreciate the critical advice and well-informed opinions we share, even if they are different to their own views, because we truly seek to partner with them."

For the past 12 years, she’s worked in Australia’s public sector across federal, state and local government jurisdictions. Working with education, transport, infrastructure, public works, health, policing, public safety and local smart cities councils, she is no stranger to collaborating to define outcomes and co-create organisational process, and technology solutions needed to be agile, fast, responsive, and citizen-centric.

"The way Accenture’s teams work together and arrive at innovative solutions involves listening to our client’s needs, co-designing with our clients, assembling the right industry luminaries from within our global network and ensuring the right people are at the table at the right time."

Currently, she and her team are serving as the "Master Technologist" for the design of a greenfield world leading airport, Western Sydney International (WSI), that will provide additional aviation capacity of 10 million passengers annually in the Sydney basin. She ascribes to the design thinking model, a methodology principle based on dismantling silos and promoting open lines of communication with stakeholders. Creating ecosystems for the best outcomes and confronting complex problems often require multi-agency responses, which helps humanise the project and invites fresh exchanges between formerly strange bedfellows.

"There is both an art and science to co-creating with our clients on new, large programs of work," said Janine. "The science involves delivery discipline and execution excellence in program management and architectural governance, and the art is in being transparent and adapting to unexpected challenges. We are successful when we deliver with our clients the art of the possible."

Airports and travel have never been too far away from Janine. Having worked with Accenture in 9 countries around the globe and spent several years living and working in Malaysia, Brunei, Italy, and New Zealand Janine has loved the adventure, cultural and personal experiences from her travel. She also practices the art of balancing work and life during her downtime. Though she is a qualified dance teacher and sometimes takes to the ballroom dance floor, her passion is sport (almost any sport except boxing!). But her time is primarily spent on the sidelines of the football pitch as she supports her son’s aspirations to become a professional footballer. She’s become an expert in the rules of offside, one-v-ones, through balls, nutmegs and penalties.

There is both an art and science to co-creating with our clients on new, large programs of work.

Janine Griffiths

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Australia and New Zealand


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