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Enabling tomorrow’s science through digital

In this episode of Driving Digital in Biopharma, Tom Lehmann talks with Anders Persson – Executive Director, Ecosystem Strategy & Innovation, AstraZeneca, about the role of digital and data in the transformation of global drug development and the value of an ecosystem and partnership strategy in R&D.


From documents to data - Regulatory's future?

Tom Lehmann and Eddie Reilly, Chief Regulatory Officer and Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Sanofi, discuss delivering new therapies to patients more efficiently and how that’s enabled by Regulatory - from standardizing data and harnessing AI to proficiently exchanging data with health authorities.


Enabling scientific curiosity through digital in drug discovery

In this episode, host Tom Lehmann and guest Julie Huxley-Jones, GSK, discuss the mindset of scientific curiosity, innovation and collaboration and its role on the impact of digital in scientific discovery. They talk about the unique journey of digital in discovery research and how it’s increasing productivity and innovation. Julie also discusses some of the challenges that arise from the sheer complexity, volume and diversity of data, applications, and equipment so essential to the discovery process.


Data is the new currency for drug development

In this episode Venkat Sethuraman, SVP Global Biometrics and Data Science, Bristol Myers Squibb talks with Tom Lehmann about the critical role of data, design and digital in the future vision for R&D.

Venkat discusses what BMS calls “3D for R&D” and describes how data, design and digital is creating value with patients and stakeholders. 3D for R&D begins with the opportunity for innovation created by the availability and accessibility of data in advancing drug development. Design involves how to use data to better design efficient studies and accelerate our clinical programs, and the third element, digital, is powered by insights and feedback from patients and investigators.

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Driving digital in biopharma podcasts

Lars and Tom discuss the journey to accelerate research and early development through lab automation, data management, AI and digital research.

Kailash and Tom discuss strategy, how digital is improving patient health, the pace of technology, and future vision.

Stephen and Tom talk about how Eisai’s focus on human health care is shaping the company’s digital approach.

Venkat and Tom discuss the critical role of data, design and digital and creating value with patients.

Craig and Tom discuss priorities for clinical trial access and decentralized research methods.

John and Tom talk about learnings from a digital transformation pilot and improving process.

Debraj and Tom discuss the enabling role of 4 P’s in a successful digital transformation.

Tina, Jennifer and Tom discuss the COVID-19 patient-care reset.

Guido and Tom discuss clinical innovation, technology investment, decentralized trials and COVID’s role.

Kailash and Tom discuss strategy, how digital is improving patient health, the pace of technology, and future vision.

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