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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane is one of the oldest and largest indigenous community organisations, delivering quality and appropriate health and social support services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia. Increasing the quality and breadth of services offered to the community depended on two key strategies:

  1. Building a fit for purpose competency framework that would determine the capabilities of successful performers, inform the assessment of the current state of its workforce and reveal areas for improvement.
  2. Maturing and standardising its IT landscape to better support the organisation in meeting key priorities and to remain competitive.

Because ATSICHS Brisbane is a unique organisation that serves a unique demographic, any solution would have to be sensitive to and understanding of the organisation’s values and mission. To help develop and articulate a transformation roadmap, it partnered with Accenture for our previous experience with the organisation as well as our technology and industry knowledge.

What Accenture did

Modernising tools to improve the future of care

With an aging IT infrastructure, reactive service management and nascent governance, it was becoming increasingly challenging for ATSICHS to keep up with an evolving and competitive industry. Its legacy systems still operated on outdated Microsoft platforms and relied on manual, spreadsheet-based processes. Given this structure, the organisation ended up paying high premium costs to outsource support and maintenance.

It was time for change. ATSICHS needed a strategic roadmap to facilitate its ability to drive, measure and demonstrate accountability for its programs and services. Together, we reviewed existing IT systems and requirements and designed a Digital Strategy Roadmap that would help it achieve specific goals.

The key was involving everyone in the process – through collaboration, innovation and value. We held design-thinking workshops to understand the current state around governance structure, technical landscape and functional capabilities. We then used the information gathered to drive internal change, challenge the views of internal employees and help make the organisation more adaptive and flexible.

With senior management, we ranked priorities. What emerged was a strategy that outlined a fit-for-purpose IT roadmap with 27 initiatives. To ensure a successful path forward, validation sessions ensured buy-in and accountability.

We reviewed existing IT systems and requirements to achieve specific goals:

Reduce the amount of time and money wasted maintaining unused infrastructure and inefficient ways of working.

Empower and equip staff with modern tools that increase efficiency and productivity.

Mitigate hidden organisational risk.

Allow ATSICHS to scale alongside planned growth without impacting quality or neglecting important tasks.

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People and culture

Building competencies, improving lives

ATSICHS's legacy HR system lacked a structured approach to assessing people's capabilities, preventing it from properly investing in and supporting not only career development but also strategic learning programs to further uplift the capability of its workforce. It wanted a more comprehensive, overarching profile of its employees so it could better measure and plan for workforce improvements.

Embracing change was the biggest challenge. But Accenture was committed to both guiding and working with ATSICHS every step of the way:

  • Mobilisation
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Confirm job/role groups
  • Define competencies and proficiencies
  • Design competency model
  • Develop assessment methodology and tool

Using the Competency Model to derive evidence-based skills assessment, ATSICHS positioned itself to help its people grow and expand their capabilities to be more proactive and responsive to the unique demands of the community.

"The best interest of our organisation was always at the forefront of every decision they made, bringing their outstanding technical knowledge to help us achieve our end goal; that of developing our people in the most strategic way," said Daniel Ackland, ATSICHS Brisbane Human Resources Manager. "The competency model that Accenture has co-created with us will assist us in our continuing commitment to provide quality and timely services that improve the health and wellbeing needs of our community."

Value delivered

Outcomes achieved through investment, not spend

ATSICHS didn't want to just buy new technology upgrades. Instead, it decided to invest in the future. That meant putting employees and clients first, building mutual trust and continually growing its IT competencies.

The end-to-end digital strategy was assessed, developed and delivered in just 11 weeks. The roadmap gives ATSICHS has a clearer understanding of how to move ahead with its digital transformation. The roadmap also gives it a route to uplift and move its IT capabilities into the future, using a three-phased approach:

With this foundation, ATISCHS has prepared the organisation to harness the power of technology to achieve:

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Integrated systems to streamline services and avoid duplicate efforts
  • Mobile capabilities and other innovative digital applications
  • Personalised client services
  • New revenue streams

Overall, this effort enables ATSICHS to pursue an effective digital journey that can bring forth the operational efficiencies needed to thrive well into the future. With this foundation, ATSICHS can be more proactive and responsive to the demands of the community, ensuring a flourishing future and lasting legacy. What a better way to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, secure their trust and respect and celebrate their identity than to elevate service delivery.

"The success of the project was noting the organisations’ immediate and natural adoption of the Roadmap with no further training or explanation required. It is a living and breathing document."

— Kristen Holland, Director – New Business and Implementation, ATSICHS


Build a foundation of IT governance and fit-for-purpose systems.


Build a digital workplace and implement the systems that will take ATSICHS into the future.


Differentiate client services through digital services and data-driven decision-making.

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