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Who we are is how we’ll grow

October 28, 2020


In brief

Workplace culture enhances innovation and growth

If all UK companies were able to improve the inclusiveness of their workplace by just ten percent then the resulting uplift in innovation mindset among their employees could increase UK GDP by up to 1.5% each year.

Here are four ways we’ll get there:

Inclusive decision making

Bringing in voices and opinions that can help to pre-empt actions that would inadvertently hurt underrepresented employees.

Inclusive work design

That focuses on skills, aptitude and the potential for individuals to retrain, and that rejects out-dated assumptions of what it takes to do the job.

Inclusive workplaces

A tailored approach to culture, with interventions targeted to employees who are more vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic on their lives.

Inclusive restructuring and talent strategies

Business must reassess their long-term talent strategies considering the impact of restructuring on diversity and tap in to hidden talent pools.

Olly Benzecry

Market Unit Lead – UKI*

Olly joined Accenture's Strategy practice in 1992 and continues to consult with clients in a variety of industries, including retail and consumer goods.

Barbara Harvey

Managing Director – Accenture Research

Barbara is the lead for Accenture’s research on workplace equality.

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