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The World Economic Forum Initiatives

Paths to sustainable growth


World economic forum in Davos 2023

Banking and capital markets

The future of capital markets

The global financial system is undergoing several simultaneous transformations and digitalization...

Can capital markets help with the global pandemic?

The pandemic has set the stage for a looming credit crisis. Capital markets has an opportunity to help economies and also re-invent itself.

A force for good as clients start to falter

Why banks need a strategy to balance clients’ critical needs and those of shareholders and society.

Work, wages and job creation

Jobs of tomorrow

The triple returns of social jobs in the economic recovery.

Future skills pilot

Accenture worked with Walmart, Unilever, SkyHive and World Economic Forum to launch a pilot program to create more sustainable opportunities for people.

Media, entertainment and sports

Building responsible platform businesses

We examine the issues that Platform and Media businesses must address, steps they can take to improve and the value they will generate from doing so.

Cyber resilience

Digital transformation for long term growth

Digital Culture

The driving force of digital transformation

Net zero carbon cities

Mobilizing investments for clean energy in emerging economies

Digital technology for emissions reduction

If brought to scale, digital technologies could reduce emissions by 20% by 2050 in the three highest-emitting sectors: energy, materials, and mobility.

Davos 2022

Live updates from The World Economic Forum

Chemical and advanced materials

Implementing Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies in the Chemical Industry: A Way Forward

5 key enablers are needed to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon emitting technologies and transform the chemical value chains towards climate neutrality.

COVID-19 is challenging chemical industry trends

Growing instability globally will require new management practices in response to forecasting.

Global chemicals trade is key to COVID recovery

Many chemical exports were prevented during the pandemic, future success rests on flexible, equitable trade.

Mining and metals


Oil and gas

Five steps to get industries on track for net zero

What five actions are critical for the steel, cement, aluminum, ammonia and oil and gas industries to meet net-zero emissions goals.

Net-zero industry tracker 2022

New Net-Zero Tracker Gives Heavy Industries a Platform to Catch Up on Climate Goals

Slow and steady won’t win the race

Learn about the six key insights into why—and how—the energy transition must be accelerated.

Our leaders

Kathleen O’Reilly

Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair

Koen Deryckere

Chief Operating Officer EMEA

Karen O’Regan

Head of Strategy, Accenture Ireland

Michael Abbott

Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

Laurie McGraw

Managing Director – Capital Markets, North America Lead

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Jill Standish

Senior Managing Director – Global Lead, Retail

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair

Muqsit Ashraf

Lead – Strategy

Stephanie Jamison

Global Resources Industry Practices Chair & Sustainability Services Lead

David Burns

Managing Director – Natural Resources

Dr. Bernd Elser

Senior Managing Director – Global Lead for Chemicals and Natural Resources

Scott Tinkler

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities Global and North America Lead

Melissa Stark

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, Renewables Global Lead