At zero cost for employers, our platform connects organizations with displaced workforces to those organizations in need.

Helping leadership drive talent transformation

In these unprecedented times, businesses are working together at record speed and scale to take on the enormous challenges that now touch everyone, everywhere. While many leaders believe innovative technology is the answer, we know its only part of the solution, with the most successful organizations elevating their people and harnessing human potential to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Responsible leaders are at the heart of these people-rich and highly effective growth strategies, helping businesses move confidently through unchartered territory and rise to the new norm where respect, compassion and care for workforces and customers are among the prerequisites for success.

Organizational transformation is a constant for agile companies today and the leaders seeing the best results are those encouraging their people to disrupt with creativity and energy, to share ideas, explore opportunities and drive the bottom line with a truly modern approach.

Workforce resilience is being tested like never before. We help CHROs meet the challenge with 5 ways to help organizations rise, recover and respond.

Connecting people displaced by COVID-19 to work

The pandemic has forced many organizations to reduce their workforces, while others nearby can’t fill positions fast enough. Bringing organizations on both sides of the job’s equation together—is the idea behind People + Work Connect.

The site is powered by analytics to quickly match newly-available workers with organizations that need them. Using criteria including location and experience, the site was co-designed with CHROs from Lincoln Financial Group, ServiceNow, Verizon and Accenture to get people back to work fast across employers and industries.

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How we work

People experience

Deliver exceptional employee and candidate experiences to attract and enable future workforces and drive growth.

Organization, leadership & culture

Create values and purpose that capture the spirit of your organization’s unique design, leadership style and culture.

Work & workforce

Rotate to new work that supports business needs using skills, capabilities, Human + Machine Learning and AI.

Digital core

Shape and build intelligent and agile capabilities leveraging cloud platforms, AI, automation, organizational analytics and behavioral science.

Business & change agility

Drive transformational change and meet agile business objectives at speed, scale and with certainty.

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