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Sustainability Services

Rising to the challenge

Sustainability Strategy

Through the lens of 360° value creation, we believe five forces will drive growth opportunities in the next decade. One of these forces is Sustainability–based not only on values and value, but also on resilience. Our Sustainability Strategy capability guides clients in defining their sustainability ambitions, building the business case and developing sustainability roadmaps.

Net Zero Transitions

Transitioning to net-zero is increasingly a priority for all businesses. Entire industries are now urgently looking at how they can reinvent their end-to-end value chains for a sustainable future. Accenture helps with solutions to reduce carbon emissions, from buildings to transport to energy systems to cities while driving social and economic benefits.

Sustainable Value Chain

Organizations are facing a new wave of pressure and urgency to reimagine their value chains to optimize for business value and sustainable impact. Accenture designs for impact by helping organizations to embed sustainability into every stage of the value chain to deliver trusted, net-zero and circular value chains. Read more.

Sustainable Technology

Digital technology is a true enabler of sustainability— and we understand first-hand the vast promise of technology as well as the need to decouple the growth of emissions from growing technology adoption. Accenture enables organizations to use technology more sustainably while also using technology as a vehicle to drive sustainability across the organization, operations, supply chains and ecosystem. Read more.

Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

As citizens, employees, stakeholders and regulatory bodies increasingly demand businesses to become more sustainable, measuring and reporting ESG performance has become an imperative. Accenture provides the tools, technology, and methodologies to help businesses embed sustainability data, decision-making and performance into everything they do in order to effectively measure business value and sustainable impact for all stakeholders. Read more.

Sustainable Leadership and Organization

Organizations are increasingly pursuing more sustainable business models because it is the right thing to do. This shift also offers financial and competitive value to companies that make ESG and sustainability a priority at all levels of the organization. Accenture helps business leaders build sustainability into everything they do, creating intelligent organizations that are sustainable at their core.

Sustainable Customer Experience and Brand

From the brands they admire to the products and services they actually choose, consumers are increasingly conscious of sustainability. But while many have the best intentions, they are not always likely to change their behaviors. Accenture combines deep insight and experience with technology to help clients convert their customers’ intentions into new behaviors by delivering sustainable customer experiences that meet consumers where they are on their sustainability journeys while shifting perceptions about a brand’s commitment to sustainability.


Measuring our success by the value we deliver in all directions.

A Leader in ESG/Sustainability Strategy Consulting Services

A new way to think about energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for resilience: four things to consider

Take these four actions to cut your organization’s energy demand and deliver impact quickly. Accenture’s Andy Wales discusses the benefits.

Accenture COP27 Virtual Event Series 

The next chapter for net zero finance—November 10

Explore how financial institutions can help clients reduce emissions using new decision frameworks, employee upskilling and system integrations.

Open eyes to the Scope 3 supply chain opp—November 14

Learn how to cut carbon emissions across the value chain by gaining visibility into supply networks, equipping procurement to focus resources and act.

Energy efficiency and decarbonization—November 16

Discover how companies in every industry can reduce energy consumption and costs while speeding toward net zero emissions with carbon intelligence.

Nina Jais

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Global Financial Services Sustainability Lead

Kris Timmermans

Lead – Supply Chain & Operations

Wytse Kaastra

Senior Managing Director – Sustainability Services EMEA Lead

Accelerating global companies toward net zero by 2050

Accenture study highlights that the pace of emissions reduction needs to accelerate significantly in this decade to reach net zero by around 2050. Read more.

Retooling the bank for sustainable lending

The need for sustainable lending and having a green asset ratio is crucial, as banks play a role in the future of...

How sustainable supply chains can unlock net zero emissions

Accenture CEO Study finds sustainable supply chain strategy is now a major part of the CEO’s environmental focus to...

Businesses must collaborate to make progress on sustainability. We're helping clients move from intentions of COP26 to action at COP27 and beyond.

Peter Lacy
Global Sustainability Services Lead & Chief Responsibility Officer

"Today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with a breakthrough opportunity to create a more sustainable future."


Reimagining the Agenda

Unlocking the Global Pathways to Resilience, Growth, and Sustainability for 2030.


We embed sustainability into everything we do and with everyone we work with.


Elevating Accenture’s ESG reporting

Affirming our commitment to transparency and accountability to our ESG goals and progress.

Client case studies



A net zero roadmap for travel & tourism

A decarbonization framework and concrete actions for Travel & Tourism companies to achieve 2050 targets.



Sustainability drives market cap

How Volkswagen is driving clarity and confidence in their sustainability strategy.


Natural Resources

Achieving sustainability through green cloud

A large mining company discovered how a cloud migration could unlock business-wide value, including...


Industry X

The fight against global warming goes digital

Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale.


"As we get closer to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, I am extremely encouraged to see our clients and partners putting increased focus on sustainability, and am excited to help them set and achieve breakthrough sustainability goals."

— PETER LACY, Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead

Shaping the sustainable organization

Partners spotlight

Accenture + Microsoft sustainability partnership

Drive your sustainability goals and economic growth forward with Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft.

SAP and Accenture partnership

Accenture and SAP help companies accelerate their sustainability transformation, drive new sources of value, and lead in the circular economy. Read more.

Accenture + Salesforce sustainability partnership

We bring sustainability to the front office by providing true visibility of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. Read more.

What we think

Our human moment

If organizations could make sustainability more relevant and actionable, we could mobilize 4.5 billion people more strongly. Our new report shows how.

Accelerating global companies toward net zero by 2050

84% of companies plan to increase investment in sustainability by the end of 2022.

The chemical industry’s road to net zero

Explore the costs and opportunities of the EU Green Deal for the European chemical industry as it transforms to become net zero.

Sustainability blogs

Our leaders

Peter Lacy


Valentin de Miguel

Senior Managing Director – Chief Strategy Officer, Growth Markets

Wytse Kaastra

Senior Managing Director – Sustainability Services EMEA Lead

Clinton Moloney

Lead – Sustainability Services & Strategy, North America


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