Residential Mortgage Lending

Enabling future-ready mortgage operations to increase value to both lenders and borrowers

Residential Mortgage Lending capabilities

We can help retail lenders embrace innovative strategies backed by digital technology to create more efficient, competitive and profitable mortgage operations.

Sales innovation

Loan officers gain modern sales and marketing capabilities that help them connect more efficiently and effectively with borrowers.

Origination and fulfillment

Progressive “manufacturing” discipline and quality rigor makes for leaner, more cost-effective loan operations.

Servicing and default management

Innovative technology enables greater efficiency, agility and speed for servicers in satisfying customers and regulators.

Investor services

Mortgage securities investors can rely on our highly efficient standards and procedures to help them optimize market returns.

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Adapting mortgages to the New

Banks face a wide range of familiar residential mortgage industry dynamics, from cyclical interest rates to flat growth. What’s new and crucial, however, is the impact of digital disruption—most notably, hungry new entrants and new borrower expectations influenced by outside digital-native retailers.

Incumbents can draw on that same disruptive technology to adapt their mortgage operations to the digital age. This means drawing on advanced analytics and collaborative ecosystems with fintechs and others to infuse speed, efficiency and value into the mortgage lending process. We are right there—with advice, solutions and services that help retail lenders rotate quickly to future-ready mortgages.

What distinguishes our mortgage lending transformation services?

One stop for change

End-to-end servicing to reinvent your mortgage business

Deep experience

Decades working with more than 100 major lenders globally

Mortgage Cadence

Comprehensive, best-in-breed technology to simplify lending

Fulfillment services

Processing innovation that delivers faster cycles and ~25 percent lower costs with widespread coverage

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What we think

As banks face a crisis ignited by COVID-19, they need to address four areas to help customers.

To lead in operational efficiency and digital strategy, banks must take a broader view of the mortgage journey.

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Our leaders