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Accenture and Murex


Our software

Accenture Environment Management Dashboard

Accenture Reformx

Accenture MxMon

Murex and the Cloud

Murex MX.3 Cloud migration with Accenture and AWS

Our framework could help to provide clients with a deployment blueprint for cloud implementations. Learn more.

Murex MX.3 to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with Accenture

Our capabilities, accelerators and project experience could help clients take Murex MX.3 to Azure. Learn more.

What we think

Taking your Murex MX.3 Platform to the cloud

Moving your Murex MX.3 platform to the cloud can enable continuous integration and delivery, reduced complexity and faster resolution of issues.

Continuous improvement thru DevOps for Murex users

Accenture and Murex partner to drive continuous improvement through DevOps for Murex clients.

Murex MX.3 implementation

Accenture helps a large international life insurance and pension group implement Murex MX.3 for its derivatives in asset management.

LCH SwapClear uses Reformx to improve Murex

Find out how adoption of the Reformx tool brought visibility, speed and efficiency to SwapClear’s Murex development process.

Canadian bank completes migration to Murex's MX.3

A large Canadian bank found renewed strength and efficiency through improved trading software and more agile ways of working.


Capital Markets

We help investment banks, asset and wealth managers, and exchanges prepare for the digital future.

Investment Banking

Helping clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations.

Trading Platforms

Innovative trading operating models leveraging our Murex, Calypso and Finastra capabilities.