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We see a very different future ahead. A consumer goods and services industry that has redefined brand relevance, placing consumers at the center of everything they do. An ever-changing set of players creating new ecosystem and business models. Where needs are evident and responses are immediate, with capabilities to efficiently produce in the right scale unit, at the right time.

CPG companies must balance the current business and explore new growth, using data and digital innovation to adapt.

The overarching strategic decision CPG companies must take? Making a wise pivot from the core business to new engines of growth.

As new brands continue to emerge and grab market share, large CPG companies must focus on accelerating growth to stay relevant to the consumer… or risk ceasing to exist.

How we help

With services spanning growth strategy and execution, sales and trade promotion management, marketing, supply chain, and intelligent enterprise enablement we help our clients achieve consumer relevance at pace and in the right scale units.

Balanced brand portfolio

Growth that comes via reinventing brands and shifting to serve the consumer through new products and services and new business models.

Integrated marketplaces

An expansion of retail as we know it requiring agility to market, while selling and distributing in continually shifting patterns.

Agile business

An enterprise that optimizes itself requiring a comprehensive change in process and technology, while enabling people and embracing ecosystems.

Digital operations

A world of digital, data, and tech-powered operations that make and deliver relevant products at the right scale unit.

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Case studies

Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Learn how we embarked on a radical reimagination of illycaffè’s digital customer experience.

With Kellogg’s and Qualcomm, we developed a VR solution with embedded eye-tracking in merchandising.

Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Accenture helped Del Monte Foods transform its IT infrastructure and to transition to the cloud.

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Happen becomes part of Accenture

We have acquired Happen, a UK based innovation firm that uses proprietary methods, frameworks and digital tools to help clients generate new ideas, products and services that drive business growth.

?What If! becomes part of Accenture

We have acquired ?What If!, a UK based firm that uses an experimentation-driven approach to help clients incubate new products and services.

Accenture helps Carlsberg transition to the Cloud

Learn how we delivered a journey to cloud for Carlsberg in just 6 months, helping the 171-year-old brewer to accelerate growth and improve margins.

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