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LCH SwapClear uses Reformx to improve Murex

Adoption of the Reformx tool brought visibility, speed and efficiency to SwapClear’s Murex development process.



Strategy and solution

"Reformx has significantly reduced the development and deployment time required as part of each release. End to end cycles are now shorter and roll out smoother with better tracking. In addition to saving time and subsequent budget, our teams are working smarter and more cohesively—and that’s invaluable."

— AARON GRANTHAM, Former CTO, SwapClear


SwapClear and Murex development teams have a quicker development and release cycle.

Project managers have enhanced visibility of specific fixes which have been deployed to an environment.

Deployment managers are able to run instant comparisons between environments.

Testers are able to view accurately documented changes and only perform testing in necessary areas.

Developers have less hassle with packaging changes as it is entirely automated.