Intelligent document understanding solutions

Combining search, analytics and AI technologies, we help unlock the full value within your unstructured data—text documents, images, voice, videos.

A new way to drive insights and business results

Unstructured data—document text, voice, images, videos—accounts for almost 80 percent of an enterprise’s data and holds untapped value when it comes to addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. Extracting insights from unstructured data has been difficult because it involves laborious data analytics processes. But intelligent document understanding is changing this.

Intelligent document understanding solutions combine search and analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to automatically extract relevant information from unstructured data. Businesses can then access critical insights in real-time, saving significant time and resources that would’ve been required to manually search through massive data. The benefits include:

  • Improve compliance and risk management
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhance business processes through automation

Extracting insights from unstructured data has been difficult. But with natural language processing and machine learning, this is changing fast.

How can your organization benefit?

Various industries and business functions are applying intelligent document understanding solutions to enhance productivity and customer engagement. Some examples include:

Legal departments

Reducing risks by automatically analyzing documents for content like PII/PHI (for GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy laws) or LIBOR (for bank contracts).

Government and public services agencies

Analyzing and routing digitized mail to the right departments, eliminating manual effort.

Recruiting firms

Automating rote tasks like sifting through millions of resumes and automatically matching CVs to job postings.

Banks and financial services firms

Automatically cross-analyzing loans or mortgages with the borrowers’ profiles from multiple independent sources to deliver better customer experience.

Content creation

Automatically identifying an article’s main theme and finding similar articles from other sources to help with content creation.

Storage optimization analytics

Automating appropriate action with documents in expensive on-premise storage, reducing storage costs and improving insight discovery.

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Expert consulting and implementation services

We bring our extensive expertise and experience in search and unstructured data analytics to help clients design and implement powerful document understanding solutions that support business-critical use cases.

Content acquisition

Acquiring text documents and other types of unstructured enterprise data from multiple business systems with secure connectors.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities

Leveraging Accenture’s R&D initiative to help create and maintain scalable enterprise language models for user interaction and document understanding.

User-friendly search and analytics UI

Designing and implementing powerful search and analytics dashboards for enhancing users’ insight discovery experience.

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