In brief

In brief

  • Accenture helps transform your operations model by reducing time-to-market and total R&D spent on non-product differentiating functions by up to 25%.
  • Engineering and product operations increase value from product ideation to end of life. It is the primary tool for reduction of total R&D spend.
  • High-tech companies need to accelerate technology, offer integrated products, new licensing and as-a-service models and a global liquid workforce.

As product development becomes more complex, engineering and product operations will play an increasingly critical role in the product lifecycleā€”from concept to customer. In this environment, emerging trends are pushing companies to evolve their R&D and engineering operating models to remain competitive. How can established companies adapt? True transformation starts with a continuous "shift left" culture to boost R&D's innovation, agility and access to new revenue.

The value at stake in high-tech companies


increase in R&D spend over the past 10 years


R&D spend outpaced revenue growth over the past 10 years


of engineer's time spent not innovating

Through our advanced operating models, Accenture's Engineering & Product Operations team can help you engineer your engineering organization, and deliver strategic business value through increased enterprise leverage and the utilization of valuable R&D assets. Our services reduce R&D costs, accelerate time-to-market, drive increased agility and efficiency, and enhance transparency and end-to-end traceability.

Did you know, for every $500 million in R&D spend, you can save up to $30 million by focusing on critical, but non-product differentiating functions.

Engineering & Product Operations Strategies

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