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Accenture Innovation Center for Smart Services: innovation at scale at low-cost

The Accenture Innovation Center for Smart Services in Heerlen, part of Accenture’s Global Delivery Network, is in line with Accenture’s long-term vision and strategy to develop, implement and provide innovative, efficient and high-quality ‘smart’ services.

Accenture Innovation Center for Smart Services: innovation at scale at low-cost

Making the digital transformation happen is a top priority for organizations everywhere. Strategies, business models and processes need to be re-invented for businesses to survive.

However, innovating is hard.

At Accenture, we take an innovation-led approach and want to use design thinking in everything we do to help clients “imagine and invent” their own futures. This is crucial for their long-term success.

Through the Accenture Innovation Architecture - a series of organizational units around the world - we combine our capabilities to invent, develop, and deliver disruptive innovations for clients, and to scale them faster.

The Innovation Center for Smart Services is such a brand new and state-of the-art unit of Accenture and is located at heart of a campus environment in Heerlen - the south of the Netherlands - enabling us to serve businesses in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

In the essence, we help businesses to improve their customer experience with highly intelligent and personalized services. From here we bring our solutions to scale across technologies and industries and demonstrate their impact for our clients; and the clients of our clients. We do this by co-innovating with them through inspiration, prototyping and scaling up digital solutions, using a user/client-centric approach.

With a diverse, highly - and specialized skilled team of people we know how to deliver smart digital services, fast.

We mainly serve our clients in three areas that are drastically changing the way the world works and lives:

  • Blockchain - a disruptive technology based on a shared digital ledger, or a continually updated list of all transactions

  • Robotics Process Automation - intelligent automation required to process combined data from various sources and devices with speed and complexity

  • Artificial Intelligence - technology that senses, comprehends, acts and learns to help your business grow

By delivering smart digital services we transform them into insight-powered businesses, developing new business models for value and growth.

Besides realizing and delivering breakthrough technology opportunities with our clients, we find it very valuable to guide and inspire about the next wave of technology trends and developments that will impact businesses in the next three to five years. In our specially designed NanoLabs in Heerlen we showcase our cutting edge applied research by bringing alive the annually published Accenture Technology Vision with inspiring and meaningful demos and one-of-a-kind use cases.

Smart Services Campus
Accenture is one the founders of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. We work here in a high-energy environment with universities, startups and other companies, combining ideas and entrepreneurship with Accenture’s digital execution power.

Mark Wiermans Tom Ghelen
Managing Director Senior Manager
+31 652 36 78 77 +32 477 78 86 91