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95% of both B2C and B2B executives say they believe their customers are changing faster than they can change their businesses. Businesses today need to take a broader view that allows them to see customers in their full lives and adapt to their ever-changing needs and priorities. We call this life centricity.
A life-centric approach is built on understanding that people are multifaceted, and that they embrace their own complexity. It involves keeping a finger on the pulse of the external forces that impact modern life (whether economic, social, cultural or beyond) and finding ways to respond that create value for all.

Companies with life-centric strategies are willing to make bold, creative changes to the heart of what they do, whether that means upending business models and internal operations or reimagining who their customers are.

Our new trends report, Accenture Life Trends 2023, examines the ways in which people are adapting their lives and making use of emerging technology to meet their changing needs. We’ve identified five emerging trends that will alter the power dynamic between brands and customers in the coming 12 months and beyond.

We reimagine experiences across industries, countries and entire businesses to deliver on the unmet human need and drive sustainable growth for our clients. Here's a highlight of just some of the experiences we have reimagined.

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