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Accenture Training Centre

Our offering

Learning by doing

The best learning experiences are rooted in action. As a result, our facilitators leverage experiential learning techniques.

Experienced trainers

All our trainers have practical knowledge and hands-on experience. They know the theory but are also able to tell you how it works in practice.

Partner network

We are Global Transformation Partner of Scaled Agile and have a worldwide network of certified trainers, coaches and Agile implementation experts.

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In-company training

All our offered training courses (and more) are also available in-company. The in-company training courses are ideal for training many people in a short period, or if you would like to customize the training to your specific needs.

Our ‘Let’s go and give online training’ journey

Meet our trainers

Robbie Hoeks

Senior Manager – Accenture Business Agility

Dirk Visser

Guerilla Coach

Paulien Vonk

Energetic Design Thinking Facilitator, Coach and Trainer

Sidney Kwee

Developer – Agile Transformation

Judith Knuiman

Scaled Agile Trainer and Coach focussed on change management and leadership

Sofie Hakmeh

Scrum Master and Agile Coach

Gijs van Malsen

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

Wynand Singels

Manager – Accenture Business Agility

Jos Mooijekind

Agile and Delivery Specialist