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The Accenture Training Centre offers fit-for-purpose training that will take the capabilities of you and your organization to the next level. All our trainers know what it takes to build a continuous learning culture within your organization.

Learning by doing

The best learning experiences are rooted in action. As a result, our facilitators leverage experiential learning techniques.

Experienced trainers

All our trainers have practical knowledge and hands-on experience. They know the theory but are also able to tell you how it works in practice.

Partner network

We are Global Transformation Partner of Scaled Agile and have a worldwide network of certified trainers, coaches and Agile implementation experts.

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In-company training

All our offered training courses (and more) are also available in-company. The in-company training courses are ideal for training many people in a short period, or if you would like to customize the training to your specific needs.


Our ‘Let’s go and give online training’ journey

Esther Jansen - As the situation worldwide emerged, we noticed a great demand for change in the training offerings.

Defining your brand

Some useful insights from the Accenture Training Centre that I would love to share with you. I hope it triggers you to think deeper about your brand.

New Year’s Resolutions and Teaching Experiments

2020 kicked-off with the exciting launch of the new Accenture Academy SAFe 5.0 training curriculum.

Summer Readings by the Accenture Training Centre

Hereby we would like to introduce you to 3 of our team members, each of whom has a book recommendation for you!

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