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Transform powerful ideas into real-world solutions.

Innovating at scale

The pace of technology disruption is accelerating. From digital and cloud to security and artificial intelligence, technology is reshaping entire industries and markets. At the Accenture Innovation Hub in Bengaluru, we enable clients to anticipate these changes and innovate to outperform.

The Innovation Hub brings to life all elements of the Accenture Innovation Architecture—from research, ventures, labs and studios to innovation centers and delivery centers—by combining these with our deep industry experience to deliver tangible client outcomes. This is where our clients experience real innovation in action, as we seed innovation into everything we do to help them live the future, now!

At the Hub, our NEW IT-trained professionals harness latest technologies to create differentiated assets that help you unlock trapped business value. And, our Advanced Technology Centers deliver innovation at scale, using the power of cloud, digital, security and New IT—automation, AI, blockchain and more.

Start big, scale fast

At the Innovation Hub, we work with our clients to help them reimagine and reinvent their future. We leverage the architecture to develop an innovation-led approach that enables clients to deliver game-changing innovations and scale them faster. As we partner with businesses in their innovation journeys through disruptive models and advances in technology, each of these elements aligns extremely well with their business challenges and industry context, enabling them to pivot to the New, now. The Hub is where our NEW-IT talent operates at the intersection of business and technology to make innovation real and relevant for clients and their end customers

Innovation in action

Innovate and scale industry solutions

Co-innovate, test and scale industry solutions.

Accelerating the 5G future of business

Access the latest industry solution powered by 5G.

Move rapidly from idea to action

Co-innovate with our experts and deploy solutions rapidly.

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Helping clients immerse in disruptive innovation

At the Hub, you immerse yourself in a mixed reality environment that extends from a retail store to a manufacturing line. This is where you can experience innovative uses of technology deliver exceptional business results. We infuse innovation with intelligence and combine it with our deep experience in 40+ industries to deliver industry-relevant solutions and services.

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