Accenture Greater China Digital Hub

Located in the heart of the Yangpu District in Shanghai, the Accenture Greater China Digital Hub is focused on helping clients to reinvent their products and services, reimagine their business models, industrialize innovations at speed and achieve new levels of efficiency.

Embrace innovation now

As a part of Accenture’s Global Innovation Architecture, the Hub owns an innovation led approach and network of global innovation and delivery centers. Three key components of the Hub are:

  • Accenture Innovation Center
  • Accenture Liquid Studio
  • Accenture Delivery Center

Accenture Greater China Digital Hub brings together project teams of experts, global networks and a wide range of digital assets. Through customized tours, design thinking workshops and joint seminars, the Hub helps clients experience a new journey in an immersive environment.

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Key components

Accenture Innovation Center

Accenture Innovation Center helps clients in China see the new now through real-life case studies and assets, ideate and build new concept.

Accenture Liquid Studio

Accenture Liquid Studio tests early prototypes conceived by the Innovation Center and rapidly develops software applications, service designs and digital projects with agility.

Accenture Delivery Center

Accenture Delivery Center will help our clients in China scale up new applications and solutions to deliver the outcome of innovation and realize process transformation.

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Floor 5-6, Building C4, No. 1687 Changyang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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