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Insurance Technology Vision

September 21, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Insurance technology: the next wave of digital change

By accelerating their transformations to meet the evolving needs of customers, leading insurers are grappling with a new and different future—that of the Metaverse.

The five year view for insurance

With the advancement of the metaverse, the internet is about to embark on its largest shift since companies like Amazon and Google were startups.

Insurance customers’ needs have evolved

1. WebMe—Putting the Me in Metaverse

A new vision is emerging for the internet with the creation of immersive virtual worlds and blurring lines between digital and physical.

2. Programmable World—Our Planet, Personalized

Devices such as AR glasses, car sensors and pipe sensors are transforming how insurers and their customers interact with the physical world.

3. The Unreal—Making Synthetic, Authentic

It’s becoming more difficult to tell apart real and fake. As bad actors take advantage of new attack surfaces, insurers will help mitigate the risks.

4. Computing the Impossible—New Possibilities

Quantum computers will enable insurers to rapidly process large datasets from multiple sources, transforming risk modeling and decision making.

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Financial Services

Managing Director – Insurance, Accenture Song

Todd Staehle is the Global Insurance Lead for Accenture Song. His role focuses on developing truly human customer experiences for insurance brands.

Venkat Viswanath

Managing Director – Technology, Advanced Technology Center, Insurance Lead, India

Meet the team

Kenneth Saldanha

Senior Managing Director – Global Insurance Lead

Jim Bramblet

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, North America

Daniele Presutti

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, EMEA

Naoyuki Shibata

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, Growth Markets

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