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Utilities control center of the future

Utilities Tech Trends 2022

The Metaverse Continuum

Digitalizing operations. From insights to actions

Ready for reinvention


Only 25% of utilities executives consider their utility to be an industry leader in operational transformation.


The number of utilities that already have an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) in place.


Of utility executives feel transmission and distribution will become more integrated in the next three years.


Of utility executives have increased their complement of operational and information technology personnel.

Technology and human ingenuity delivered



Maintain acceptable levels of grid operations in response to disturbances caused by severe weather events and offer flexibility during a pandemic.


Track employee location, biometrics, behavior and process activities to improve safety.


Accelerate data-driven, automated and/or assisted decision making.


Using data from multiple sources can optimize planning, scheduling, resource allocation and proactively respond to events and emergencies.

Intelligent security

Increased hardening and redundancy from physical and cyber threats.


Remote collaboration with field, engineering and operations to effectively resolve issues as they arise.


Real-time, virtual connection to on-site and mobile field solutions using augmented reality, mobile apps, and speed detection.

A new reality for utilities

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Meet our lead

Mario Marchelli

Managing Director – Utilities, Transmission and Distribution