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Shaping the future of post-digital India

July 21, 2020

Reimagining the future as digital turns pervasive

Turning challenges into opportunities

Driving value and values

Leaders who build technology that delivers a human focus will be poised to do far more than meet expectations and elevate the human experience.

People are changing why aren’t you?

Acknowledging the key role of technology in people’s lives & assessing how this relationship is changing will help companies in India lead & succeed.

Leaving the road map behind

Businesses in India must challenge the existing technology models to invent a better, human-centered future by embracing technology-led innovation.

Five tech trends to watch for in 2020 and beyond

The I in experience

The enterprises that start building personalized, interactive, and shared virtual communities today can carry that success far into the future.

AI and me

Investing in explainable AI and other tools that enable true human-AI partnership allows businesses to reimagine their workforce in the future.

Robots in the wild

While today’s robotics leaders are filling new, pandemic-related roles, the ones truly thinking long-term are also building a more automated future.

Dilemma of smart things

Enterprises need to consider how they can introduce new features without overstepping. Failing to support these changes produces short-lived benefits.

Innovation DNA

Leaders who create agile and resilient innovation DNAs will be positioned to meet new needs and build new capabilities faster than ever before.

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Way forward

Meet the team

Sanjay Podder

Managing Director and Global Lead, Technology Sustainability Innovation

Natraj Kuntagod

Principal Director – Accenture Labs

Pradeep Roy

Principal Director— Accenture Research
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