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Meet our people

Meet Satyam Gaind, a manager, who loves traveling, learning and meeting new people.

Meet Satyam

How long have you been with Accenture?

It has been more than a year with the firm.

Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like?

A typical day involves discussions with business owners—mid to senior-level management—developing new ideas/solutions and overseeing the implementation of ideas. As my role requires me to multitask at various levels, the day generally begins with creating a to-do list and working my way through the same during the day. The fun and challenging part is that the list never ends as the additions to the list are more than deletions.

What is it that you enjoy most about your current job?

It is the people. There is an immense amount of intellectual capital at your disposal that there is hardly a day when you do not head home wiser.

How did you decide to go into this profession?

Three things drew me to the profession

Learning: A thinking man’s business where you need to constantly upskill yourself to stay relevant
Exploring new things: Gives you the option to work on problems across industries;
Travelling: a higher chance for you to figure out your sweet spot Travelling and meeting smart people

How does Accenture groom you into becoming a leader?

Accenture provides immense opportunities to explore oneself as an individual and find your niche. Accenture recognizes, acknowledges and provides mentorship to improve upon these efforts.

In terms of upskilling, how do you think Accenture is placed to meet future industry demands?

Accenture is placing big bets on Digital as a lever for organizations to unlock value and is focusing equally on several internal and external initiatives to prepare its people for the next wave of ‘New’.

Would you say from your own experience, that you’ve seen improvements in diversity over the years?

Accenture continues to be an equal opportunity employer. Further, compared to other organizations, Accenture follows a proactive approach to sensitize people through trainings and webinars about diversity at the workplace and gender equality.

How did you balance work and personal life?

I consider weighing the criticality of work and bail out on sleep if needed in comparison to time with family. Urgent timelines are exceptional and are addressed accordingly.

Quick Facts

A gadget you can’t live without

None for now

How do you recharge?

Short road trips to nearby destinations or a beach vacation

New music band/book/sport which has caught your attention

MrSuicideSheep and Men without Women by Haruki Murakami

An advice that sticks with you?

Trust in God; with everybody else, seek data

Book/movies that has the power to inspire

Alibaba’s World by Erisman Porter and Subtle Art of Not Giving a F by Mark Manson

Your mentor:

My father


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