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Madhumita Mukherjee

How long have you been with Accenture?

I have spent one year with Accenture.

Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like?

I manage client relationships for Financial Services in India. In my current role, I travel to different locations in Mumbai for client meetings, and attend several conference calls with clients and internal teams. I have an early start to the day with an hour spent at the gym to prepare myself mentally and physically for the day. I return to comforts of my home in the evening post which I engage myself in reading, Netflix and playing with my pet pooch. I try as much as possible to follow a balanced disciplined lifestyle.

What is it that you enjoy most about your current job?

Meeting clients, understanding their problems and suggesting unique, disruptive solutions are the most interesting part of my job. I believe staying close to your clients is the most important aspect of being in a client relationship role. My current role gives me the opportunity to network and achieve intellectual fulfilment by learning something new every day. Working at Accenture contributes to the same owing to the healthy, open culture of peers and leadership which allows us to have brainstorming & ideation sessions, something which I enjoy.

Did you always know that you will be working in this field?

No. I have always looked for challenging roles. I chose a client-facing role as it is equally fascinating and challenging.

How did you decide to go into this profession?

I have always enjoyed interacting with people. As a computer engineer and a MBA, I was inclined to the IT space but in a customer relationship role. Accenture helped me add the consulting dimension to my skills, which gives a different perspective and provides new learning opportunity every day. And, I am thoroughly enjoying my current role.

As a woman, what do you think are the best part of being in the industry?

My work and opinion have always been appreacited and acknowledged by my colleagues and leaders at Accenture. It feels great to be working with an organization that focuses on inclusion and diversity.

As a woman employee, what are the benefits you think you have at Accenture?

Accenture believes in growth and development of all employees, irrespective of gender. The organization also has specific programs for women employees such as coaching sessions, empowerment groups, regional diversity councils, flexible work arrangements and personalized career paths. We, at Accenture, have the power to make a difference. This feeling is really empowering.

How does Accenture groom you into becoming a leader?

There are training and initiatives focused on grooming professionals for fast-paced career growth and overall development. The differentiator is again the organization working model, which gives us ample opportunities to work closely with the leadership and industry specialists. This provides on-the-job learning opportunity—unparalleled to anything what a classroom session can provide. Also, getting insights into how these leaders think and analyze a situation is a great experience.

In terms of upskilling, how do you think Accenture is placed to meet future industry demands?

Accenture lays significant focus on upskilling people and grooming them to become future leaders. Its just not our supervisors who keep a track of our growth but our HR teams are in touch continuously with us. The organization also offers opportunities for cross-skilling, industry-specific and domain-specific training.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the industry? What do you wish you had known?

There is no substitute for hard work and commitment. Be straightforward, focused, motivated and believe in oneself. In today’s world, there are no glass ceilings except those in the mind.

How did you balance work and your personal life?

I believe both are equally important. You must have your priorities straight and be honest with yourself. It is equally important is to be honest with family members, as you can’t achieve the work-life balance without their support. Accenture offers a great work-life balance, and a special thanks to my manager as well who actively encourages it.

Quick Facts

Meet Madhumita

A gadget you can’t live without

It is my iPhone.

How do you recharge?

I like hitting the gym, watching movies or serials on Netflix, or watching cartoons.

New music band/book/sport which has caught your attention

Bollywood songs have always been my favorite.

An advice that sticks with you?

“Be yourself, always.”

Book/movies that has the power to inspire

I like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Invictus. The book, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, is also very inspirational.

Your mentor

Life in itself is a big teacher.


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