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Tomorrow, Today

Season 4

Katie Burke

Global Thought Leadership Lead – Accenture Song

Nicola Rosa

Lead – Immersive Learning and Extended Reality, Europe

Rebecca Tully

Managing Director – Retail

James Morgan

Managing Director – Infinity Works, Part of Accenture

Giovanni Cozzolino

Managing Director – UK and Ireland Security Lead

Saba Ahmed

UK&I Managed Security Services Lead

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Laura McCracken

Managing Director – eCommerce & Payments, Global

Damian Pettit

Managing Director – Accenture UK&I Banking Operations

Toby Siddall

Sustainability Services Lead – Accenture UK&I

Samantha Barber

Board Effectiveness & Sustainability Lead – Accenture

Building Sustainable Futures podcast

Accenture's Building Sustainable Futures podcast series features leaders who are successfully reimagining the future of business.

Fast-track to future-ready banking operations

Accenture highlights the value of becoming a future ready bank and offers digital banking operations strategies to accelerate digital innovation.

Social commerce revolution

Accenture examines the social commercial landscape and both the opportunities and challenges for brands, retailers and social media platforms.

Ransomware reoriented

A modern ransomware and extortion response should be treated as a business risk that prioritizes effective crisis management.

From always connected to omni-connected

Accenture outlines how omni-connected employee experiences can help build a strong organizational culture & help your employees thrive.

Tech Vision 2022

Accenture outlines emerging technology trends for 2022, a year where organizations will find themselves at the intersection of many worlds.

Season 3

Simon Eaves

Lead – Strategy & Consulting, North America

Maddie Walker

Senior Managing Director – Industry X, UK and Ireland Lead

Stéphane Crosnier

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, Resilience Global Lead

Fernando Lucini

Global Lead Data Science & ML Engineering – Artificial Intelligence

Matt Prebble

Lead – Data & AI, EMEA

The great marketing declutter

Accenture discusses changing customer trends in marketing and helps leaders manage marketing complexity with a change marketing strategy.

Fjord Trends 2022

Accenture's Fjord Trends 2022 identifies five major emerging trends & challenges that have significant implications for the year ahead.

Unleash the power of AI in retail

Accenture explains how shifting consumer behaviors influence AI in retail industry & retail data-efforts for emerging businesses.

How to reinvent CPGs by infusing intelligence

CPGs need to harness the power of AI on the cloud to become end-to-end insights-driven, intelligent organizations.

Retail fulfillment—thinking local, acting local

Accenture outlines how retailers can serve customers & control costs by resetting supply chain strategies to focus on local retail fulfillment.

Carbon Solutions Hub

Mapping the global decarbonation landscape.

Season 2

Shaheen Sayed

Market Unit Lead – UKIA

Dr. Nicola Millard

Principal Innovation Partner, BT

Emma Kendrew

Managing Director and Intelligent Engineering Services Lead​

Andrew Meade

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Tech Vision 2021

There is no industry leadership without technology leadership, something the communications industry knows better than most.

Fjord Trends 2021

Organizations must find new ways to reach and communicate with people, and to deliver brand experiences at a distance.

Business Futures 2021 Signals of Change

Accenture details the signals of business change that are reshaping organizations today & will chart their best courses for tomorrow.

Walk in the Cloud podcast

Accenture offers a series of cloud podcasts and insights from seasoned experts on how to harness the power of cloud for business transformation.

With great responsibility comes great power

Accenture outlines how retailers can serve customers & control costs by resetting supply chain strategies to focus on local retail fulfillment.

UK Business Confidence Jumps to Highest Level Since 2015

UK business optimism rose to its highest since 2015, fueled by the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Season 1

Simon Eaves

Lead – Strategy & Consulting, North America

Rachel Barton

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy

Mark Curtis

Global Sustainability and Thought Leadership Lead – Accenture Song
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