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Walk in the Cloud podcast

S2E8: Accenture and Workday: Resignation, or The Great Reconnection?

Accenture + Workday

Transformation powered by Workday.

S2E7: Accenture and SAP: Cracking the supply chain challenge

Accenture + SAP

Unlock the value of SAP.

S2E6: Accenture, Adobe and Currys: Building the experience renaissance

Accenture + Adobe

Unleashing purposeful connections.

S2E5: Accenture and Salesforce: Growing talent under pressure

Accenture + Salesforce

Accelerate the path to value with Salesforce.

S2E4: Accenture and Oracle: Adjusting to disruption

Accenture + Oracle

Take your tech to new heights with Oracle Cloud.

S2E3: Accenture and Google: Culture captures the castle

Accenture + Google

Intelligent innovation starts here.

S2E2: Accenture and AWS: The rise of the cloud economist

Accenture + AWS

The Accenture AWS Business Group Advantage.

S2E1: Accenture, Microsoft and SSE: A greener future

Accenture + Microsoft

The largest global Microsoft practice.

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What CEOs need to know about cloud

CEOs who think of cloud simply as technology and relegate it to their tech teams are doomed to failure, argues Rachel Barton. Rachel talks about...

Security and the cloud

Chief information security officers (CISOs) may seem the champions of anxiety when it comes to cloud, but they have a point. As with any business...

It’s all about the data

Which came first, the cloud transformation or the data? We’ll let you ponder that in your own time, but Vikas Sindwani makes a persuasive argument...

Beyond the bottom line: CFOs in the cloud

Ambrose Shannon shares why cloud is one way for CFOs to arm themselves with faster insights to inform business decisions in today’s fast-moving...

Marketing & the cloud: driving customer obsession

Marketing hasn’t always thought of itself as a technological field, but new tech like the cloud is placing tremendous new opportunities at the...

Cloud and the COO's changing role

The cloud can help us to make things better—and to make better things. Manufacturing and logistics are fuelled by information, which creates all...

Enhancing the employee experience with cloud

People are the engine of every organisation. What will it mean for them as organisations move to the cloud? Nicole Knott looks at how the cloud...

CIO and CTOs: The masters of all trades

No organisation can hope to complete its cloud transformation journey without strong leadership from its CIO and CTO. Emma Roscow unpacks how...

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