About The Alan Turing Institute

The UK’s National Institute for Data Science and AI

Comprising 13 universities covering the best of UK academia, the Alan Turing Institute undertakes research which tackles some of the biggest challenges in science, society and the economy.

The Institute collaborates with universities, businesses, and public and third sector organisations to apply this research to real-world problems, with lasting effects for science, the economy, and the world we live in. They are here to help to make the UK the best place in the world for data science and AI research, collaboration, and business.

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What is The Alan Turing Institute?

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Our strategic partnership commitment

Our joint ambition is to deliver tangible real-world business and societal value, through research in, and application of, advanced data science, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"We’re excited to continue our alliance with The Alan Turing Institute as a Strategic Partner and show what can be achieved when talented researchers from academia join forces with diverse industry expertise."

— GAVIN STEPHENSON, Managing Director, UK&I Lead – Applied Intelligence, Accenture

Our partnership in four pillars

This is a practical partnership. We are focusing on four key pillars of collaboration that bring together research and real world application for amplified impact.

Joint research

Joining forces to develop and apply leading-edge research and tools in data science, data analytics and AI. Considering the big questions, like delivering maximum value from AI and data; enabling safe and robust application of AI; and lowering barriers to AI adoption.

Use case development

Collaborating to translate research outputs into practical Accenture offerings, products and platforms.

Students and scholarships

Offering internship opportunities with Accenture for PhD Masters and DPhil students, giving them real world opportunities to apply new research directly to client problems—as well as the chance to author white papers and other thought leadership outputs.

Skills and training

Working together to deliver two key programmes:

  1. Executive education—supporting and enabling Accenture and our clients to optimise the use of AI for business.
  2. Data science fundamentals for Accenture data scientists.

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What we do: Our research

Through our partnership, we will collaborate on multiple activities to help us achieve our joint objectives. Initially, that means focusing on three primary research areas:

Synthetic data and privacy-enhancing technologies

Developing new ways to generate and evaluate synthetic data, to allow data sharing between teams, whilst safeguarding individual anonymity.

Digital twins

Building advanced AI-powered replicas of highly complex systems and processes to allow for rapid scenario-based experimentation and optimisation.

Project FAIR - Responsible AI

Ensuring AI systems fully realise their transformative potential, whilst simultaneously remaining free from bias, transparent, verifiable and robust.

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Exploring the National AI Strategy

Tomorrow, Today – Episode 3

Can the UK transform into a global AI superpower in the next 10 years? In this episode of Tomorrow, Today, Fernando Lucini, Global Data Science & ML Engineering Lead at Accenture, and Mark Girolami, Chief Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, discuss the National AI Strategy – its prerequisites and challenges in positioning the UK as a global AI superpower.

Innovation Symposium

Accenture and the Turing jointly hosted the third edition of the Innovation Symposium in 2021. The Symposium is a completely unique opportunity for cross-industry clients and academia to come together to discuss the latest applied data science and artificial intelligence research that is pioneering the conscientious uses of AI.

Watch the highlights now!

Watch all the talks on-demand on this playlist.

Read Ray Eitel-Porter’s reflections in his latest article.

Watch the Innovation Symposium 2020 highlights.

What we think

Our Accenture and Turing partnership page

Insights, thoughts and ideas from our collaborations.

Accenture AI Leaders Podcast

Tune in to Ep 14, where Dr. Adrian Weller from The Alan Turing Institute talks about Responsible AI with Ray Eitel-Porter.

The Turing Podcast

Accenture’s Alice Aspinall and Henrietta Ridley discuss the different career options in the Data Science industry on this Turing Podcast.

Creating real, actionable impact from AI

In this LinkedIn Article, Fernando Lucini reflects on AI-UK, a unique two-day event organised by The Alan Turing Institute.

Our leaders

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